How to wire subwoofers series, parallell, and series parallel wiring

a quick video on subwoofer wiring Subs in video -

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How to Wire Your Subwoofers to the Correct Impedance for Your Amplifier
Wiring subwoofers to the ideal impedance can be a confusing task when considering different qty's of subwoofers, dual or single voice coils, voice coils of various impedances, etc... But it's a task that MUST be done correctly to ensure you are matching your subs to the correct amplifier and getting the appropriate amount of power from your amp.

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How to Wire Two Dual 4 ohm Subwoofers to a 1 ohm Final Impedance | Car Audio 101
Sign up for our Newsletter for exclusive deals and sales: &utm_medium=Youtube%20Description&utm_campaign=Newsletter&utm_term=Wire-Two -DVC-4Ohm-1Ohm-MbtAMBSJEq0 Learn how to wire two dual 4 ohm car subwoofers to a 1 ohm final impedance using the parallel wiring method. The most common question we are asked here at Sonic Electronix is "How do I hook up my amplifier?" This video is designed to give you a step by step tutorial on how to wire your subwoofers. Correct subwoofer wiring is necessary to make sure that your system is properly installed. For more information on subwoofer wiring, visit:

How To: Wire Mono Blocks & Subs - DVC/SVC - Parallel/Series
I probaly said somthing in there that didnt make sense, but you hopfully got the idea anyway, im new build im going to have another typre of mono block situation that i will show Happy to do more of these help/how to videos so message me and remember to SUBSCRIBE (i have over 300 hundred vids )