How to wire subwoofers series, parallell, and series parallel wiring

a quick video on subwoofer wiring

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Door open hairtrick
had to try door open.... made it a little tougher

BREAKING IN SUBWOOFERS... WHY... a sneak peek at the new toys..mp4
why its important to break in subwoofers... every subwoofer is different so its hard to say how long to give the subwoofer to break in but better safe than sorry... get that spide loosened up by playing some music at low volumes for a couple hours/days/weeks whatever your sub needs to get slappin whoohoo proud owner of sundown audio... cant wait to power them up

Q&A.... Overpowering subs, whats better???
sound is a little off in the middle sorry... this is a reply to a message i received today... a very popular topic i though i would make a video to answer some questions

How to run speaker wire... the right way
a quick video on how speaker wire should be run properly