How to wire subwoofers series, parallell, and series parallel wiring

a quick video on subwoofer wiring

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BREAKING IN SUBWOOFERS... WHY... a sneak peek at the new toys..mp4
why its important to break in subwoofers... every subwoofer is different so its hard to say how long to give the subwoofer to break in but better safe than sorry... get that spide loosened up by playing some music at low volumes for a couple hours/days/weeks whatever your sub needs to get slappin whoohoo proud owner of sundown audio... cant wait to power them up

two Orion Hcca 12.2 two Orion D5000 flushmounted in chrysler 300
Window banner made my Xplosive Audio n' Grafix in Appleton soon as i took the car off the lot i started doing a few things... here is a little video of the progress so far... all the work was done in 10 days. enjoy... positive criticism much appreciated... if you're gonna hate just watch a different video... good luck to all in their future mods... everyone who has a love for modifying their rides is respected in my book... everyone has different tastes and different ideas... lets feed off of everyone elses ideas and set the standard for future generations. NEVER SATISFIED C.C.

Door open hairtrick
had to try door open.... made it a little tougher

How to run speaker wire... the right way
a quick video on how speaker wire should be run properly