The Junction, Inc. 2004 Mercury Mountaineer CUSTOM AUDIO

custom built sound system featuring --- 2400 Watt Crossfire Amp 600 Watt Crossfire Amp 2 18" Crossfire XS Subwoofers custom built fiberglass enclosure Custom paint to match car paint - Multi-colored Pearl for effect (Brilliance by DuPont)

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The Junction, Inc. Jeep SRT-8 Custom Audio (Complete Start to Finish)
All the steps involved in making this Kickin' system! Enjoy!! Read the mirror at end of video

How to hook up aftermarket radio Mercury Mountaineer 2003
My story how to hook up aftermarket radio Mercury Mountaineer 2003 XTRONS TD714SG CAR GPS DVD Player Sorry for interrupted video (battery in camera died)

Kandy Burple Mercury Mountaineer on 28s... Xplizit.

Small Project: Aftermarket head Unit + Kicker 12's and 1000 Watt Crunch Amp in '00 Mountaineer
Just a progress install video for a friend and his fiancee's 2000 Mercury Mountaineer. It was over 100°F (high was 106) outside so the heat was getting to me. Had my cousin help with some of the amp wiring and wire-tieing the harnass. The Masking Tape on the wires was to bunch them together, not to ensure the connectivity of the wires. There is electrical tape on them since the guy didn't have any butt connectors, nor did I. H/U:: JVC Amp: Crunch CR-1000.2 @ 4 Ohms Sstereo Subs: Kicker Comp 12's Thanks for watching!