Audi S2 -- 809 PS

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Audi S2 700Hp dogbox first drive on street.

Audi S2 over 600HP
Love the way this video is shoot and edit,really great stuff and the S2 its MEGA COOL!!!!!Really inlove with Audi's old 2.2 20v they sound,the way they pull its fantastic,not to say that they are pretty rare cars I found this video here ,i dont own this video,this it for fun propose only,no commercial use or any other form of monetization

1100+HP Audi S2 Launch Control test. 0-100km/h 2,3s. 0-60 MPH 2,2s.

Fatal crash Golf 2.Turbo
Street racer films his own fatal crash Just because you drive a suped up Volkswagen with a bunch of racing stickers and a loud stereo doesn't actually qualify you to race a Porsche.