1000+RWHP Turbo Technology Street Fox Body Mustang

All glass, all interior, upgraded sound system even. Everything is full working condition (the way a TRUE street car should be) Twin turbo, SBF, 8 Second QUARTER mile 10.5 Tire... Enjoy! :)

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Passtime - Randy Jackson - tricks the panel
Passtime SGMP Randy Jackson White Mustang Gt Truck block with B303 cam *wink**wink* Sleeper

1000 RWHP Mustang Out For A Spin (see dyno)
Rolling In Alberta

Turbo 331 88mm 6 Speed 93 Mustang In-Car Track and Street Vids
Shakedown passes with our 93 6 speed coupe. Brought the car out on low Boost, tune was still rich and was also running out of gear. Car will be back out soon with different gears & more Boost, we want to see how fast we can go with this thing on the stick! Driven by SB. More Specs: PT88 with 4" into 3.5" downpipe/bullet muffler 331; Boss Block; Forged Crank/rods/pistons AFR 205s Custom Billet Solid Roller/Shaft Rockers Viper T56/Mcleod RXT/Chromoly Driveshaft turbo Mustang supercharged race track drag street burnout Exhaust blower pt88 track in car fast horsepower meth methanol race Camaro burnout racing stick fastest crazy supra bike

Limit Pushing - Tuned Fox Body Mustang 0-100 MPH Test
The owner of this fox body has been waiting quite a while for this video to go up. Who wouldn't want to show off after the work that has been put into this thing. The complete list of parts that make up this monster would have taken up an extra minute or two so here is the list from the owner: "Franklin Racing built 351ci cleveland 4V 11:1 Compression (roughly) COMP Cam .296-.306 Duration Edlebrock Torker Intake Holley 850cfm Carb March Performance Underdrive Pulleys 1 and 7/8" Headers 3" Flomaster Exaust MSD Digital 6 ignition system Cooks Racing Built C4 tranny Ford 8.8" Rear End 4.10 gears Blue Coil road race srpings (front, rated at 800lbs) BBK road race springs (rear, rated 225lbs ds and 256lbs ps)"