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A Touch of Callasness
Charlie Callas roasts Don Rickles, Dean Martin, Evel Knievel and Frank Sinatra.

Impersonating Dean Martin with bonus Charlie Callas

Foster Brooks, Legendary Roaster
Eighteen of Foster Brooks's appearances at the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts in roughly the order in which they were recorded. The roastees are, in order, Johnny Carson Hubert Humphrey Leo Durocher Don Rickles Jack Benny George Washington Dan Rowan & Dick Martin Bob Hope Telly Savalas Lucille Ball Jackie Gleason Sammy Davis Jr Muhammad Ali Dean Martin (MC Don Rickles) Dennis Weaver Jack Klugman Jimmy Stewart Betty White I now have a compilation of four sketches featuring Foster Brooks and Dean Martin here

Funniest Foster Brooks bit on Dean Martin Roast of Don Rickles
This is my favorite Foster Brooks bit. This episode took place February 8th, 1974 and aired on NBC.