Quick and easy debadging with fishing line and an eraser wheel

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How To De-badge a Vehicle Brought to you by RTL Garage. In this episode we will show you our way of de-badging an adhesive backed emblem. This DOES not include badges that are held on by the holes in the body. Do your research, make sure you emblems are held on by adhesive only. Follow all warnings and labels when using chemicals. Please note, RTL Garage is not responsible for the results, this is for concept and idea purpose only. Questions? Comments? Email us at:

How to Claybar
Claybarring a Dodge Ram

How To Debadge A Truck THE RIGHT WAY!
How To Debadge A Truck THE RIGHT WAY!

2013 Dodge Ram 1500
Install video for a one piece Status Grille on a 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 Contact us at 775-677-8511. StatusGrilles.Com