Farnbacher Loles 2 of 2-Porsche Tuning Facility-Garage419

We meet up with the good Mr.Garbow at the Farnbacher Loles tuning facility and test drive the Cayman GTR. Part 2 of 2.

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Garage 419 - Farah vs Garbow - 20Dec07
Roger Garbow, Marketing Director for Farnbacher Loles, joins Matt Farah in the G419 studio. Roger and Matt discuss the Cayman GTR, Formula One engine development, ALMS, and Diesel racing technology.

California Porsche Festival of Speed, Part 2 -Garage419
Matt Farah takes the Garage419 997 GT3 on the track and hits the pits at the Porsche California Festival of Speed. -Garage419

Porsche Tuning Shop Tour-Cayman GTR-VODcars-Garage419
We take a ride with Garage419 to Farnbacher Loles and check out what they're doing about that "there is no substitute" line.

Porsche CaymanS by Techart, Wendland, Speedart, 9ff, Sportec
5 tuned porsches caymanS by Techart, Wendland, Speedart, Sportec and 9ff.