Farnbacher Loles 2 of 2-Porsche Tuning Facility-Garage419

We meet up with the good Mr.Garbow at the Farnbacher Loles tuning facility and test drive the Cayman GTR. Part 2 of 2.

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Matt Farah and Jennifer Nicole take a trip out to Fontana California to see what this Porsche Festival of Speed thing is all about. -Garage419

Porsche Tuning Shop Tour-Cayman GTR-VODcars-Garage419
We take a ride with Garage419 to Farnbacher Loles and check out what they're doing about that "there is no substitute" line.

2011 Ford Fiesta Review
The Smoking Tire heads up to San Francisco's Skyline Drive to test Ford's newest entrant into the economy car wars, the Fiesta. Is the European-designed Fiesta all hype? Or does it live up to its promise of a small, premium, efficient car? Let's find out.

Porsche Tuners - Manthey Motors Promo - StrikeEngine.com
Video Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/desmom3 Check out the Porsche Tuner Directoy at StrikeEngine.com Porsche tuning specialists offering engine upgrades, engine re-builds, performance chips, performance parts, suspension upgrades, servicing and Porsche styling parts and Porsche body kits including alloy wheels. http://strikeengine.com/porsche-tuners