Top Speed's GT3076 Turbo 2.3L Ford Focus Duratec Dyno Video

Top Speed turbo Kit, Garrett GT3076, 2.3L Duratec Ford Focus, 93 Octane, 17psi, more information can be found at

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613whp 500ftlbs 35psi Ford Focus
613whp 500ftlbs 35psi Ford focus. GTX3076r

Massive Focus Burnout 2.3 Duratec ST
LONG burnout. 07 Focus ST Cosworth header, FS intake, FS Exhaust, Saleen suspension.

FORD DuraTec Engine 3D Simulation
Engine 3D, automotive engine simulation, CAD simulation

FSWERKS GTX3071R Custom Turbo Kit (Dyno Testing)
Charles Shamseldin's 2004 Ford Focus with custom FSWERKS GTX3071R turbo kit. Duratec 2.3L engine with built internals, Quaife LSD, 3" turbo back Exhaust, 91 octane fuel. Dyno testing was done in +90 degree weather.