Nissan patrol pulls an 18 wheeler out of sand

This is in Kalba, UAE. The 18 wheeler was stuck in the sand and the Nissan Patrol pulled him out. No problem!

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No One is perfect not even Nissan Patrol VTC .. thats why we have frineds
stuck in desert

70's Music, Name that tune
This is a song I found on an old casset tape. It's from the 70's. Let me know if you know who played this

Andy's nissan patrol
andy's patrol

Desert Dune Bashing, Stuck wheels in the loose sand.
Hi, I am John and am happy to share the experience of our desert drive along with my friends. This is a clipping taken during our desert trip in Feb 2008 to Baniyas West, Abu Dhabi in UAE. My friend Faisal is the one behind the wheel of this wild beast i.e. Nissan Patrol 4.8 liter VTC engine, equipped with upgraded terrain suspension and modified heavy duty torsion bar. Observe that he was stuck deep on the side of the dune slope and just imagine that he just missed a high potential flip over. The car was successfully recovered by his brother Kochumon who is a veteran in the desert/dune bashing.