1964 Black Lincoln Continental ...Drop the top!

1964 Black Lincoln Continental ...Drop the top!

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El Presidente Night 1962 Lincoln Continental SoCal Cruising Story
El Presidente is a black 1962 Lincoln Continental convertible from Unidos Car Club. When Eddie Flores plans to take it out for a cruise one evening with his buddy, Rich, they find themselves enjoying the sights of the beautiful weather and lovely ladies of Southern California. This is my very first movie... Hope you enjoy it! elvolo.com

Very Low Lincoln Continental 7.6L V8 Sound and Driving Away
@ Nederweert on Wheels 2014, The Netherlands Lincoln Continental 7.6L V8 345hp 1965

Cadillackings SD Teaser
ducknecktone Cadillac Kings San Diego lowrider bagged slammed girls sled

Beautiful 1962 Lincoln Continental (Driving Dreams)
Another stunning Lincoln convertible by Driving Dreams in Enterprise, FL.