1968 Mercury Cougar XR7

1968 MERCURY COUGAR XR7 with a rebuilt ford 302 V8, about 300 horsepower, with ford racing valve covers and air cleaner, HEADERS, performer mufflers, 4 barrel Edelbrock performer carburetor, pertronix ignitor II and Flame-thrower II coil, C4 auto trans, has power steering, disk breaks in the front, drums out back, the back end was lifted and bigger bf good wrench radials were put there, it just give it a nice stance!,all the inner fender walls, frame and the underside of the car has been undercoated to prevent rust. the whole car is restored and there is no rust on it, its very fun and FAST to drive! The odometer reads 12000 miles on the rebuilt ford 302. the story: well , i was asleep one morning and my little brother wanted my mom to take him to school in my car, my mom had an extra set of keys so she was able to take my car, after she dropped my little bro off she stopped at a friends house, when the neighbor came up and wanted to see the engine, so he did, but he didn't make sure the hood latched and the latch was stuck open, so my mom started driving and when she got on the on-ramp to the highway, the hood flew off like a sail at 60mph, luckly the hood didnt hit anyone, the windshield dint break and it dint rip up the cowling, but most important my mom is ok, the bad side is this happened on my first day of summer, and ive been stuck in the house all summer, but we did find a hood in a local juckyard and its getting fixed right now, and we ordered new hinges from Mustangunlimted. music by pretty lights music http://www.streetfire.net/profile/68-xr7.htm

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67 cougar first time out
67 cougar first time out

Apple Ibook G4 12" Vs. Asus EEEPC 900 8"
ibookg4 -eeepc 900 -1.2ghz -900mhz celeron -768mb of ddr ram -1gb of ddr2 ram -30gb hd -16gb ssd -combo drive -sd card reader -wirelss g -wireless g -4hr battery -2.5 hr battery mac osx 10.4 -windows xp home sp2 -12 inch lcd -8 inch lcd -approx. 5 lbs -approx. 3lbs Overall the mac is just better, the eeepc is sluttish and develops issues with the left click, the mac runs adobe Photoshop much better, the mac loades faster, it browses faster, its just better. buy and ibook there fnatastic, they even have a fullsize keyboard, unlike the eeepc with the crammed key board

1967 Mercury Cougar 302 V8 4-speed like Ford Mustang
1967 Mercury Cougar 302 V8 4-speed like Ford Mustang, in France

360 Grad Ansicht Ford Mercury Cougar 1968