Volvo 240 smokes BMW M3

Volvo 240 smokes BMW M3

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Volvo 242L Turbo Project
Crazy 242 project

Volvo 242 Turbo vs BMW M3
Volvo 242 turbo vs BMW M3

Extreme Volvo Rallying
Another Volvo Rallyvideo, the best one so far. Videos from plenty of years (2010-2015)... 24 minutes of action, crashes etcetera! Worth to see if you like Volvo.. Volvo 940, 240, 740, 850. Mostly tuned cars. Some original ones tho. NOTICE: No one was seriously injured in the recording of this video. All clips inclusive videos are copyrighted, all rights intended. Stealing or using my videos without my authorization may result in consequenses.

We bought a Volvo 240 Turbo!
The Volvo Rescue bought a 1986 Volvo 240 4 door turbo B230FT swapped brick! LH 2.4, EZK ignition, lots of good mods and fun times waiting to be restored. I put this video together in 20 minutes, and my poor old laptop can't process 4K footage, so it's sloppy; no music, no intro, just a quick shot of our day. A martini didn't help, but it sure was savory! Next time, RobertDIY gives me a ride in his T5R