Blowing an engine Dodge dakota

Alex blows his engine... No mercy for that truck

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camaro blowing engine on thanksgiving day burnouts 2009
finally blew that engine after plenty of was slow anyways haha

Blowing up a DODGE motor 101
~~~ALL COMMENTS ARE MODERATED~~~ If you are going to make "fat stupid redneck" comments don't waste my time because they will be deleted automatically. how long can that 50k mile 2.5L 4 cyl go bouncing off the rev limiter and being fed oxygen from my cutting torch at 100 PSI

Blown up 4.7 dodge dakota
I was offroading and sunk it and it blew up. Its a dodge dakota 4.7 v8 ext cab 4x4. Shift on the fly 4 wheel drive. 9.2 inch anti slip rear diff with 392's. Also a 5 speed manual. Gettin a new motor soon