Viggen Dark Dyno Full Power

Viggen "Dark" stretches its legs on the Superflow Dyno @ Taliaferros in Springfield, MO Full Power ~400whp 2.3L GT3071.64, T5 cams, JE pistons, Walbro 630cc, Taliaferro Full Exhaust... Maybe some cam timing next week.

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Saab Pikes Peak Per Eklund With English Subtitles
The documentary about the "America car" where Per Eklund and his team build a monster Saab to compete in Pikes Peak, Colorado. The car did the 2nd fastest time on the track for it's class. Leif Ahl aka "The X" features in this documentary, he is somewhat a motorsport legend in Sweden, i believe the reason why Per was so successful in Pikes Peak is because of The X and the other great mechanics that were behind the project all the way.

New black Viggen project
Tuning the new beast from scratch on the superflow @ Taliaferro At this point on , pump gas, low rev limit and low Boost. Over 350whp on just 10psi. Once we get some miles on it ;) GTX3076, Big cams, CNC head, custom GS manifolds, High compression, Standalone and AIM logger with Dashboard.. More on that later. So thankful we get to build customer cars like this with such a great crew Here at Taliaferro in Springfield MO!

Refurbishing a rough 2001 Viggen

Taliaferro Drag Car
Showing some of the limitations of the NG900 Chassis used as a drag car. There was a bit of wheel spin there so it was not a fast run but a couple great example. MOst of the flex is in the Uprights. You can read on trolltuner the suspension parts in use here. 2.0L Gt3071.64