BMW X6 Tycoon Hamann Acceleration

4WheelsofLux records a BMW X6 Tycoon Hamann, leaving the valet park of Mall of the Emirates. Notice that the driver of the BMW was a lady. 4WheelsofLux on Twitter! Link: 4WheelsofLux on Facebook! Link: Pictures on Flickr! Link:

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BMW X6 Tycoon Hamann on the Road
4WheelsofLux records a BMW X6 Tycoon by Hamann, driving on the streets of London. If you turn up your speakers you can also hear the very low and deep acceleration. I have also filmed this X6 driving around in Dubai, so expect more videos of this brutal X6. 4WheelsofLux is on Facebook! Link:!/pages/4WheelsofLux/220499863280?ref=ts Check out my pictures on Flickr! Link:

BMW X6 Tycoon Hamann
4WheelsofLux records a white BMW X6 Tycoon modified by the German tuning house, Hamann. Video shows the BMW first arriving to the valet park of MOE, then parked and leaving MOE with a small low Exhaust note. I usually wouldn't film BMW's, but I personally like the BMW X6 Tycoon. Notice that the driver is a lady, like Bugatti252mph mentioned. 4WheelsofLux on Twitter! Link: 4WheelsofLux on Facebook! Link: Pictures on Flickr! Link:

Porsche Cayenne GTR700 Edo Competition
4WheelsofLux records a rare Porsche Cayenne GTR700 Edo Competition, cruising by at The Walk. Unfortunately you can't really hear the brutal sound of the car, but even at stand still it's very loud. I believe that this is the first video of the Cayenne GTR7o0 Edo Competition on YouTube, so I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks to all those who commented their ideas on the video "A Message From 4WheelsofLux" and during this week I'll create the new channel, with one of the suggested names. Join 4WheelsofLux on Facebook! Link:!/pages/4WheelsofLux/220499863280?ref=ts

White Aston Martin DB9
4WheelsofLux records a beautiful, white Aston Martin DB9 parked in valet. Video first many angles of the car at stand still, including the interior and then driving off.