CSCC Tin Tops MalloryPark 2011

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CSCC Swinging Sixties Oulton Park 06/10/12 Triumph TR6
My first ever RWD race! Many thanks to Marcus Miller and Phillip Britten for the opportunity to drive such an awesome car. What a beast of a thing, just wish it hasn't ended so soon as it was a chance for a great debut result. Qualified 4th of 34 on a drying track in qualifying despite a spin on the first lap and the gearstick coming lose. Watch out for a good battle with the Lotus Elan before the front brake cylinder failed and put me out - fortunately without damage. If you want a laugh at my expense, take a look at this forum thread where an internet "expert" gives me the advice I clearly need so desperatley, despite knowing nothing about me, the car, or the circumstances: e-oulton-park-oct-2012-t26650.html LOL :P

750 Motor Club Mallory Park 14th October Crashes , Spins and Mistakes
Some of the Action i caught at Gerards

CSCC Tin Tops Oulton Park 6/10/12 AWS Racing
Final race of the season and my first time at Oulton.

Mallory Park Modsports & Supersaloons 290811
Movie I made at the CSCC Modsports and Super Saloons Revival Challenge meeting at Mallory Park on 29/08/2011. Features; Jeff Wilson and his team fettle the ex-Mick Hill VW Bug V8, they never did solve the problem causing a viscous weave underbraking. David Tetley and his crew warm the "Stars and Stripes" Opel Manta 400-Pontiac V8; Thomas Carey warming the Imp Californian; Bill Richards warming his Rover Metro; Bernie Chodosh warming his Chevy Corvette; Joss Ronchetti in the Sunbean Talbot Lotus. Then out for practice, footage from session two. Then lunch and the rain comes down, first race is a wet start, Mike Wilds in Daf-ne takes off, Pete Edwards comes through in the Escort Mk2 class-B Thundersaloon to take the win on a greasy track. Race two is much faster, Simon Allaway (lotus Silouette) and Pete Stevens (Sertec Carlton TS) having a real battle. Michael Bell the the "Lairy Canary" Escort has a big moment, Lee Costello in the other black Escort (V8 power in this one) comes through before it throws the cooling belt. Unfortunately the camera stopped then, just as the fun was really starting. Enjoy!