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Professional Film Look Tutorial | Final Cut Pro X
Just 4 Simple steps to give your videos a professional 'Hollywood film look'. This time in Final Cut Pro! Yes, you can choose the 'Letterbox' effect too. Thumbs up and subscribe for more! Follow me on Facebook and Twitter, check out my channel!

TrackMania | GreenDevil™ [FullSpeed]
TrackManis Nations Forever TM tag: TrackManiaGreenDevil 2 of my best records, Al settings are maxed out! please comment ;)

Photoshop Tutorial - Exploding Space Scene HD
[DOWNLOAD BELOW!] Finally, a new tutorial. It took me 5 times rendering before i got a good quality.. I know you guys all have been waiting for it for so long, but I was very busy with school etc. I hope you enjoy this brand new 1080p tutorial. Please tell me what you think and thumbs up! Download the files here: (c) TechLife Tutorials | 2011

Graffiti Speed Art | TechlifeGFX™
Finally! I can upload video's again. I hope you enjoy this speed art. Tell me what you think of it, it's my first one so far. Software: - Cinema 4D Studio R12.5 - Photoshop CS5 Extended - Final Cut Pro X Real time: 31 minutes