2008 G8 GT Livernois Stage 1 Cam (TAKE 2)

Cam Spec - 224/230 .581/.590 114 LSA Removed the DOD and went with the Livernois Motorsports Stage 1 L92 Camshaft. Tune was adjusted

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G8 GT Cut out demo
Just showing off to try and sell her :)

Cammed 2009 G8 GT Idle and Rev Livernois Stage 2R Ported Stock Heads Yank 3200
http://www.facebook.com/FapTuning Dyno Results Unlocked converter: 448/388 Locked converter: 462/418 Head/Intake/Throttle Body porting done by Sam Thompson 636-262-9188 Ryan 2009 G8 GT Livernois Stage2R 234/240 .598/.608 113 Ported Stock heads DOD Delete UDP dynatech headers Catless X-pipe magnaflow muffers, spectre CAI 90mm LS3 MAF housing, Ported IM, Ported TB Yank 3200

Loudest Exhaust On a Pontiac G8 2008 GT 404 BHP With Magnaflow Exhaust V8 Naturally Aspirated Engine
Sam took for a spin a 2008 G8 GT V8 Naturally Aspirated with extreme loud adjustable Magnaflow Exhaust System. We thank Anthony the owner of this Pontiac for letting review this vehicle. At the moment this vehicle is sold. If you liked this video please subscribe to our channel. *Disclaimer - CarLegion and its affiliates do not take any legal or physical responsibility for the sale of this vehicle. If you would like to know more about this vehicle you may contact the owner.

New Pat G cam installed in G8 GT - January 27, 2013
.634"/.608" lift, 223/230 duration, 112 LSA +2 (110 degree ICL), EHI intake lobe profile and LXL Exhaust lobe profile