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How to Tell if Your Timing Belt's Been Replaced
Get a remote starter switch for about $12 on Amazon→http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0009XQUKW/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_i l_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B0009XQUKW&linkCode=as2&t ag=httpwwwyou00f-20 How to Tell if Your Timing Belt's Been Replaced

1994 Subaru Legacy will not start (timing belt jumped)
Apologies in advance for the extremely long video. I spend the first few minutes explaining the problem I'm having with the car. 1994 Subaru Legacy EJ22 5-speed AWD. Died on highway last month and would not restart. Have been getting diagnostic help from http://bbs.legacycentral.org . This video is to show a grinding noise I'm getting while cranking. Car will crank but will not start. Sounds like it is trying to start. Checked and I have spark, fuel and air. More background on the car: 292,000 miles on body and engine 216,000 on transmission 30,000 on timing belt apx. 5,000 miles since tune-up (spark plugs, fluids and filters (except fuel filter) This has me stumped. I'd like to fix it, but I am also car shopping. Car was running perfectly before this. I bought it in October, 2006 with 204,000 miles on it and have driven and maintained it since then. Was a reliable daily driver until last month and handled my 90 mile round trip commute with ease in al weather. UPDATE - car has since been fixed and sold. Traced issue to a jumped timing belt (idler pulley had seized). Car would crank OK, but would not start, check out my blog: http://mercedesdieselguy.blogspot.com

Jumped timing belt reset
jumped timing belt reset without belt removal

Toyota Dyna /Landcrusier T-belt light reset
This is tutorial on how to reset timing belt on Toyota Dyna / Toyota Landcruiser (Same procedure for both). 1. T-BELT MODE DISPLAY a) With ignition turned ON, using the trip switch (select/reset button) change the display to ODO, and turn the ignition OFF b) While pressing the trip switch, turn the ignition switch ON and hold it for 5 seconds. c) Release the trip switch, then press the switch again within 5 seconds. d) The digital display should change to T-belt mode. The initial display "15" (0,000km) is displayed (ie. 150,000km). 2. REWRITING REPLACEMENT VALUES While in the T-Belt mode, each press of the trip switch will change the displayed value by 10,000km increments. Once " 20 " (200,000km) is reached the display reverts back to " 1 " (10,000km) again. Remember, this setting is the number of kilometres to be travelled before the light comes on next, and once reset this counter will start from zero. I believe the timing belt interval for all the 100 series engine variants is 150,000km, but this should be checked against each different markets servicing recommendation. This being the case, you shouldn't need to change from the default setting of "15". Obviously for the US, the ODO is in miles, and I guess the T-Belt warning would be set in 10,000 mile intervals. 3. T-BELT WARNING RESET COMPLETION a) After setting the replacement setting value, hold the trip switch ON for more than 5 seconds then release the switch. b) Check that the display has now changed back to ODO and that the warning light has gone off when the engine is started. NOTE: If the T-Belt mode is completed, even though the belt replacement has not been performed, the T-Belt warning IS reset. I hope this proves to be of assistance guys, as usual all care no responsibility. ;-) http://www.lcool.org/technical/100_series/timing_belt_reset.htm