Tom Coronel in een Citroën Saxo op zijn Kartbaan in Huizen

Tom Coronel in de Citroën Saxo , op de Coronel Kartbaan Huizen aan het rijden . Tijdens de Citroën Saxo Contest van 1997 ;-) Met dank aan Tom

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Girls, cars, podium at Spa for Tom Coronel FIA WTCC 2014
Girls, cars, podium at Spa for Tom Coronel FIA WTCC 2014 Success and podium for Tom Coronel in WTCC at Spa-Francorchamps Tom Coronel battles for what he is worth and scores valuable world championship points Second podium finish of the year for Dutchman Tom Coronel Spa-Francorchamps, 22 June, 2014 -- For Tom Coronel, the seven kilometres long Spa Francorchamps circuit is his home track as Zandvoort is no longer on the WTCC calendar. Traditionally, many fans are making the journey to the Belgian Ardennes region to see their hero race. Tom Coronel didn't disappoint them. In qualifying, the driver ended up eighth with his ROAL Motorsport Chevrolet Cruze, resulting into a third position on the grid for the second race with a reversed grid. After a good start into the first race, the 42-year old Dutchman initially made up one place and then won another three positions. At the finish line, the driver of the white-and-blue Cruze just managed to overtake Honda's Tiago Monteiro. In the second race at the undulating track, Coronel had a strong getaway and moved up into the lead almost immediately. He managed to maintain this position until almost halfway through the race, but had to give in to the dominance of the works Citroëns. Eventually, López and Muller finished ahead of the Dutchman, who still managed to keep Monteiro's Honda and the third Citroën with Loeb at bay. Thus, Coronel's second podium finish of the season, which he celebrated together with his son Rocco, became reality. He is now sixth in the drivers' standings with 99 points. After the races, Tom Coronel said: "Eventually, it turned out to be a beautiful weekend, but at first, it didn't look like it. In free practice on Friday, things didn't go well at all. I didn't use any fresh tyres, but I could find the right rhythm with the car. I think I was 13th. Together with my engineer, we decided in the evening to change the entire set-up of the car. In free practice, I used two new front tyres, but things still didn't go really well. I started qualifying with four new tyres and that turned out to be the right choice. The balance of the car was much better and I was able to keep up with the front-runners, which made me much happier. After qualifying, I still had six new tyres left. Two of them, I used in the first race and I saved the other four for the second race. In the first race, my start was quite okay and there was a long battle with the Hondas. We were three abreast until after Eau Rouge and towards Les Combes, I was in the sandwich and had two wheels on the grass. I had a huge battle with Morbidelli and Monteiro, but I saved my tyres to mount a final attack on the final lap. That worked out just before the finish, so that I came fifth with a very tiny margin, behind Morbidelli, but ahead of Monteiro. I had no damage to the car, so I was ready for the second race. I started with four fresh tyres and I knew that I had to make maximum use of them for the first three to four laps. That worked out. I had a good start and I was in the lead quite soon. After that, I was only pushing to build up a margin that was as big as possible. I was leading by over two seconds and things were going well until the first Citroën approached quickly. Up to that point, I had made no mistake and I wanted to keep it that way. On the other hand, I didn't want to hand over the lead just like that either. In hindsight, I probably lost a little bit too much time there, allowing Muller to close up quickly as well. The Citroën drivers have so much excess speed, there is no way to fight with them, so I let Muller past easily and focussed on third place. That worked out and thus, it still became a great race with a great result, plenty of world championship points and nothing but happy faces. This really was the maximum that could be achieved and I am glad that I was able to show it to the many fans here. I drove well, I didn't make any mistakes and now, the car is in great condition to be loaded into the container on Tuesday for the next race in Argentina." Standings after 14 rounds: 1. José Maria Lopez 255 points; 2. Yvan Muller 216; 3. Sébastien Loeb 190; 4. Tiago Monteiro 125; 5. Gabriele Tarquini 105 and 6. Tom Coronel 99. Tom Coronel is supported in the FIA WTCC season 2014 by: ROAL Motorsport, McGregor, TW Steel -big in oversized watches-, Valvoline, DHL, Equinix, Amando Face & Body Care, AkzoNobel Lesonal, De Wild Multi Print Solutions, AllSecur, ATP Event Experts, Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma, Super-B, Intrax, Playseat, CM, Sparco en Uw Mooiste

Dakar 2015 highlights stage 7 and 8 Tom Coronel including crash, Maxxis Dakar team
Dakar 2015 highlights stage 7 and 8 Tom Coronel including crash, Maxxis Dakar team After Maxxis Dakarteam powered by SuperB teammate and twin brother Tim Coronel was out of the Dakar rally already on Day 2, Tom Coronel is on his own with his buggy. But he is holding strong. The second part of last weekend's marathon stage from Uyuni to Iquigue appeared to be just a formality because of the long neutralization. But the last part of 40 kilometers through the dunes caused severe challenges for Tom. After a problem with the suspension, a lost passport, night in the dunes and a roll-over with his buggy, Tom only arrived in the bivouac yesterday to complete his first 2015 Dakar week. After a short night in the sleeping facility in Bolivia, it was once more an early rise the next day to take on the long drive over the salt flats to the border of Chili. Once in Chili the there were still some dunes from Iquique waiting including the popular high decent to the coast line. The Maxxis Dakar buggy had suffered quite a lot during Special Stage 7, but together with the help of the Bastion Hotels team Tom managed to repair the damage. Just before the border with Chili Tom experienced problems with the suspension. Repairing the problem took some time, but finally Tom managed to get on again. Once arriving at the border, a problem of a whole other level occurred. "I was waiting at the border and wanted to grab my bag with my passport, but could not find it. Than I remembered I left the bag alongside the road, being in a hurry. Stupid of course, but after a number of these days you are not that clear anymore, I can confirm you. Fortunately I ran into a participant who told me that an equipe from Chili found my bag and took it along with them. Half an hour later they gave me my passport and I could cross the border," Tom explains. Additional problems forced Tom to spent the night in the desert, to continue the next morning. "I thought that I had experienced every kind of problem now, but the next minute my buggy ended upside down on its roof. It all happened very quickly, but I probably made a misjudgment. The damage was minor but I could not get the buggy back on its wheels. But finally some locals helped me out and I could complete the final couple of kilometers to the bivouac. You can imagine how happy I was to arrive there." The mechanics still have some work to do, and Tom has to catch up on some sleep, but the first week of Dakar is a wrap. Hopefully Tom Coronel has left the biggest problems behind him, embarking on a somewhat smoother second week of Le Dakar.

Vila Real streetrace highlights WTCC with Tom Coronel
Vila Real streetrace highlights FIA WTCC with Tom Coronel for ROAL Motorsport in Portugal. Vila Real, July 12, 2015 – The FIA World Touring Car Championship headed to Portugal for its final European event of the season. Here, the series had its first experience of the 4.6 kilometres long and challenging Circuito de Vila Real. For Tom Coronel with the ROAL Motorsport Chevrolet Cruze, this type of circuits provides some opportunities for good results, especially when starting somewhere near the front of the grid. After all, these often narrow tracks usually offer little opportunities for overtaking and top speed isn't playing such a major role. In first qualifying, the Dutch driver mainly focussed on the reversed grid for the second race. To be in front there, he needed a ninth or tenth time in qualifying. At the time Tom wanted to achieve this, Chinese Citroën factory driver Ma Qing Hua obstructed him in the chicane and thus ruined Coronel's fast lap. As a result, the Dutchman didn't get any better results than a pair of 15th places on the grid for the two races. Coronel, who intended to score valuable world championship points there, was understandably upset. The first race provided little action and saw Coronel finish in twelfth place. In the second race, there was an accident right after the start, followed by a five laps' safety car intervention. Later in the race, several drivers collided and a top ten result was within reach for Tom Coronel. After the heavy crash by Dutch Lada driver Nick Catsburg, red flags were out to put an early end to the race. In such a situation, the order from the previous lap counts as the result, so that Tom Coronel was classified eleventh in the second race at the street circuit. In the FIA WTCC drivers' standings, Tom Coronel is currently twelfth with a total of 33 points. "So, now I also have a penalty of 1,000 Euros to deal with," a critical Tom Coronel commented after the races and a visit to the stewards of the meeting. He was given the fine for a move that dominated his race weekend. "I was on the pace all the time. After the test at Paul Ricard, I had a better feeling with the car and that showed in the free practice sessions. In general, street circuits always suit me and this circuit in particular. What a great track it is! I really felt well here and I knew that I could score points." "After a fourth and a sixth place in my first attempt and a red flag in the second one, it was all about my third run in qualifying. Things went perfectly and I was somewhere around eighth place. I had my headlights turned on and I even flashed to make the drivers in front of me aware that I was on my flying lap. Officially, you have to move over in such a case to make way for the faster driver. But just before the chicane, I got stuck behind Ma with the Citroën. He was on his cooling down lap and would have had to make way for faster drivers coming up from behind. He could have done so, but he didn't and I lost valuable tenths of a second in the chicane and dropped to 15th place on the grid as a result. He really ruined my lap and I duly told him so afterwards. Strangely enough, I was penalised for it and he wasn't. And in hindsight, you see where you can end up when starting from pole position: he has won that race. But, anyway, it is history now. Of course, I am disappointed, because I could have scored much more." "I had a good start in both races, I got into my flow straight away, but overtaking is very difficult here. Accordingly, twelfth place was all I could do in race 1. After the start in race two, it was difficult, because my Cruze was hit quite hard by the debris from the collision between Jaap van Lagen and Monteiro. My door was even open for a while, but it closed again and I saw that the car was damaged. Fortunately, I still felt that I could drive. Because the race was stopped early with the red flag, I just missed out on world championship points. I did score quite well for the privateers' championship, in which I am currently fifth. Now, the European part of the season is over. Next time, we are racing in Japan, my second home country. Just like here, I am expecting a lot of people and fans there. And, of course, we will aim at a good result," Tom Coronel concludes. Result Race 1: 1. José María López 13 laps 26:23.906; 2. Sébastien Loeb (both Citroën C-Elysée) +1.519; 3. Norbert Michelisz +5.391; 4. Gabriele Tarquini +5.711; 5. Tiago Monteiro (all Honda Civic WTCC) +9.402 and 12. Tom Coronel (ROAL Motorsport Chevrolet RML Cruze TC1) +29.853. Result Race 2: 1. Ma Qing Hua 11 laps, 2. Yvan Muller (both Citroën C-Elysée WTCC) +5.573. 3. Gabriele Tarquini +10.812; 4. Norbert Michelisz (both Honda Civic WTCC) +11.982; 5. José María López (Citroën C-Elysée WTCC) +12.423; 6. Nicky Catsburg (Lada Vesta) +15,177 and 11. Tom Coronel, (ROAL Motorsport-Chevrolet-RML Cruze TC1) +18.055.

(censored) Coronel furious with Ma after qualifying block in Vila Real streetcircuit, FIA WTCC
(censored) Coronel furious with Ma after qualifying block in Vila Real streetcircuit, FIA WTCC