Multi-Car Crash At The Nürburgring | October 2011

An 8 car pileup at the Nürburgring. -Info- Yesterday around 14:00 in the afternoon, a serious traffic accident happened on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring with a total of eight vehicles involved including the famous BMW M3 Ring Taxi. The accident took place in two phases with drivers from several European countries involved. The accident was probably caused by speeding. In the section called "Bergwerk" a construction company set up by a construction zone. While most of the drivers realized this, a fourth driver was trying to brake, but could not prevent a side collision with a car driving ahead. The car then hurled into the grass. After 50 meters it came back on the road where it hit two other cars. The accident situation was recognized by three other drivers and they were able to slow down their cars. Another car, a BMW M3 ring taxi, did not pay attention and crashed against two of the decelerating cars. The ring taxi eventually stopped against the guard rail. Except for one single vehicle, all cars were severely damaged and no longer roadworthy. The estimated damage is more than € 100,000.

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