Modified AMG - Stealth 55 Dyno Tuned E55 AMG

This 2005 E55 was modified by DC Performance in Los Angels. This setup features DC Performance Pulley and custom tune. The Exhaust is customized Eisenmann with modified headers. Call 818.403.5506 for more information!

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200MPH E55 AMG Dyno Logic Lab Tuning ECU Tune
Logic Lab Tuning, custom ECU Tune for the Mercedes Benz E55 AMG, 200MPH Dyno session. for all Mercedes ECU Tuning needs! Gain 40hp with only ECU tune on the E55 AMG!

DC Performance Dyno E55 AMG Eurocharged Tune
This E55 AMG has modified Exhaust (eisenmann) and Eurocharged Tuning. DC Performance Dynamometer testing and Maintenance Center has the right tools and experience to work on your Mercedes AMG! please visit us @

Review of possibly the highest mileage E55 AMG in the World, and its for sale!!
A review of the Highest mileage Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG ends up being quite surprising. This is a one owner car that was maintained at one dealership. i break down the exact cost of ownership and show you how an E55 AMG with a crazy amount of miles runs and drives. Enjoy and thanks to iCars Chicago in Skokie for letting me review the Mercedes E55.

Corvette Z06 vs. Stage 3 Mercedes E55 AMG
Good runs with a friend... First Race with the E55: Starts at 2:50