B20 P8R First Start Up

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B20b P8R motor inspection 1
B20b JDM teardown 2

B20 first startup
After wire tuck and everything finally got a chance to see if the thing runs. The tranny is a type r with LSD and ls 5th gear and I just rebuilt it. new synchros from synchro tech all new bearings and what not. well It runs haha

B20 Civic B16 Tranny
nothing special, just some 2nd gear pulls (can't do an all out acceleration because the motor mount is bad, motor lifts and hits hood) in my 99 ej-8 (full interior) B20B (P8R) Stock B16 Tranny Short Ram Intake Header Straight Piping to 2005+ SI Model Muffler

JDM B20B Motor with P8R Head, Bigger Valves B20B 5009306 A4856 HC P8R
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