B20 P8R First Start Up

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1999 Honda Civic B20 (wet acceleration)
roads were still slightly wet

Poor Man Type R Ek Vs B20 Integra
Slow hondas

98 Acura Integra B18B1 - Brian Crower Stage 2 Cams and valve springs, intake and exhaust
Just found an old video of my integra - unfortunately I think it's the only one I have with the stage 2 cam shafts installed. Besides the BC cams the car had a random cold air intake, a custom bent 2.5 inch Exhaust and a DIY port and polish job done on a B20 head from a CRV (bought the head used off EBAY built it up and swapped it out - probably the best way to go about doing a project like this if you don't have a second car to get around in - I was able to swap the head on a Saturday). This car had no "v-tech yo" just the B18B1 ; ). Also, I was going to install a Greddy emanage blue but I sold the car before I got around to it (no issues with the car just finished school and bought something newer). There was no fuel management of any sort. My wideband showed the car to be running at a "safe" air fuel ratio. I had an OEM OBD1 and OBD2 ecu that I used with this set up. The OBD1 resulted in some idle lope and I had to open the throttle slightly when starting it. The OBD2 ecu didn't have these issues but my check engine light would turn on as I removed the Catalytic converter. I used the OBD1 most of the time as it seemed to run nicer besides the idle lope and starting issue. Anyhow, I liked the growl inside the cabin but I am sure some haters out there will tell me otherwise. I am not claiming it was the fastest car on the street but it was a lot of fun for autocross and gave me something to tinker with as a student. Thanks for watching and I wish I had a better video but this is all I could find of my old car.

Honda Head Resurfacing 20
John Edwards @ Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine explains why you should never get your cylinder head resurfaced on a belt sander, and how to fix a leaky head. (949) 631-6376