Mrcho SRT4 vs SRT8 (1/8 mile)

Test run with new big turbo setup @ 24psi, untuned vs 300C SRT8 Time: 8.33, 1st & 2nd no traction at all

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Mrcho SRT4 big turbo 1/4 mile run
12.50@115mph Mrcho SRT4 big turbo untuned @ 24psi test run on a 1/4mile with a lot of problems, ignition & fuel cut being one of them at 4800rpm in 4th gear, finished the run on its own power explaining the low trap & bad times.

Mrcho SRT-4 vs Mustang GT 05 1/8mile drag racing
SRT-4 s2 w/ bolt-ons Nitrous: OFF vs Mustang GT 05 w/ bolt-ons

Mrcho SRT4 1/8mile run
Mrcho SRT4 vs Stage 3 SRT4 (Alex98)

srt-4 vs mustang gt down 1/8 mile dragstrip
srt-4 ran 9.5, my sister's first time down a drag strip, and not sure what the Mustang did