Dodge Neon SRT-4 SRT 4 Burnout gone wrong with Clutch Blowing Up

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SRT4 Neon blows its motor

BURNOUT FAIL! Ford Mustang Clutch Explosion
This Ford Mustang GT took an attempt at showing off to the crowds whilst leaving Wheels Day 2013 held at Rushmoor Arena in the UK. It didn't quite go to plan as he was bouncing off the rev limiter thinking he was doing a burnout he was actually slipping the clutch which led to a rather dramatic explosion as he pulled out of the junction! Subscribe for regular content from UK Car Shows and Drag Racing! You can also find me on... Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -

Must See! Gasket blows up in Integra and the kid decides to change it on the spot!
Auto show in Erie, PA, looks like he changed a few of those in his lifetime lol. Feel free to like my facebook page to see the photos behind the videos.

SRT4 burnout fail: burns clutch not tires - When trying to do a burnout, this Dodge Caliber SRT4 failed and burnt the clutch, not the tires. Is this the proper way to do a burnout? comment below!