1988 sleeper chev 1500 longbox, 327 truck drag racing

drag racing 88 chev long box , first passes with my new motor the 400 tranny, stock convertor, stock gears in rear end fastest time was a 15.1 @ 91 mph , bogs outta the hole and tranny shifts at 5000 rpm on its own .

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Race car vs. street sleeper v6 at 1/8 mile track. Elevation 5260 Anaconda,Montana
My 1st time to a track. Couldn't hold Boost at the line which shows via the et. Had I been able to hold 8psi or so at the line I'd be in the 6's. 1/4 mile is when I think the car would really be impressive anyway. 1st time EVER to a strip so I know my 60ft is weak as well as reaction time. Thanks for looking. Nova went 7.108 @ 96.39 with a 1.584 60ft and a .026 reaction I went 7.39 @ 101.85 with a 1.94 60ft and a .216 reaction :-/ My car weighs 3830 with me in it. No cage so this was my last run.

SAMracingTV.com - SAM student built Super Stock 327 engine
A student here at the School of Automotive Machinists built the super stock 327 for this Nova.