Hornet 600 dyno run

here's a clip of my Honda Hornet 600 on the Dyno at Superbike Performance. love those pipes! Thanks to Jim for running it for me.

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HealTech QuickShifter easy (QSE) - Dyno test run, Honda CB600F Hornet
This is an official Dyno test run on a popular naked bike. Along with the QSE you can also see the GIpro X-type and MM5 products in action. For product info, FAQ and more, please visit: www.healtech-electronics.com/qse Any questions, please email us.

Hornet 600 - Prima volta in pista 06-02-2005
La mia prima volta in pista presso l'autodromo di siracusa con la mia nuova moto comprata qualche mese prima. Hornet 600 del 2001.

Nuty Normans Honda Hornet Dyno Run
Dyno Run at BSD peterbourough. 87.46 Back Wheel - Torque 44.41

Hornet 600 Montage
a montage clip of the modifications done to my Hornet