Hornet 600 dyno run

here's a clip of my Honda Hornet 600 on the Dyno at Superbike Performance. love those pipes! Thanks to Jim for running it for me.

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HealTech QuickShifter easy (QSE) - Dyno test run, Honda CB600F Hornet
This is an official Dyno test run on a popular naked bike. Along with the QSE you can also see the GIpro X-type and MM5 products in action. For product info, FAQ and more, please visit: www.healtech-electronics.com/qse Any questions, please email us.

Nuty Normans Honda Hornet Dyno Run
Dyno Run at BSD peterbourough. 87.46 Back Wheel - Torque 44.41

Hornet 600 Montage
a montage clip of the modifications done to my Hornet

Hornet 600 - Prima volta in pista 06-02-2005
La mia prima volta in pista presso l'autodromo di siracusa con la mia nuova moto comprata qualche mese prima. Hornet 600 del 2001.