Corolla XRS Dyno. 195whp all motor stock internals.

My XRS with intake, header, Exhaust, apexi pfc - street tuned. It made 195.31whp. Sorry no tq or rpm reading and if anyone is interested made 190.04whp on SAE correction.

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nal2 xrs dyno
Corolla xrs Dyno [I][E]

06 xrs Dyno run on base tune Apex pfc
Took the car to a local shop they had a Dyno day , car has a apex pfc on base tune temp outside was on the 90s it only put out 170 whp the Ecu needs fine tuning now

corolla xrs bornout
bornout corolla xrs calentando la zona

Corolla Xrs vs. Corolla Xrs
This is me racing in Carolina Racing Speedway in Puert Rico.