Lancer GT 2.0 Drag Test 3

Lancer GT 2.0 Drag Test 3 0-100 kmh - 7.8 Secs 0-400m -15.75 Secs Quarter Mile 400m - 150kmh (93.17mph) 0-200kmh - 29 Secs

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Lancer X 2.0 cvt. 0-200 км/ч

New Lancer GTS CVT 0-100 km/h Sport mode
Test new Lancer GTS model X CVT "Sport" mode paddle shift 0-100 kmh JOIN VSP GROUP PARTNER PROGRAM:

Lancer GT Speed Test
This is Lancer 2.0 GT in Malaysia with s0me m0d.... HKS hi-power Exhaust, Supercircuit Extract0r n piping and Injen CAI.. Here c0me da result.....

2009 Lancer GTS 2.4L RRM V2 Short Ram Intake
First part of video is without sri and the second half is with it. All other parts are stock.