VT SS killed by Ford FPV WSID

VT SS killed by Ford FPV WSID

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FPV F6 310 vs HSV R8 317
F6 had a bad start as well!! They used an Auto, Manual has a launch control system.

Ford Falcon FPV GS 315 - Part 1
Hi guys, I put a quick video together of my stock standard FPV GS, I'll be posting up a part 2 shortly when some mods go on :) The engine is actually the new 5.0L from the Ford Mustang in America, Ford Australia then developed and added a Supercharger.. the final result is a quick, but de-tuned car. A tune only can see up to ~100kw gains. Song: Freestylers - Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix) Enjoy :)

NVDGMH VT SS Commodore finals burnout at Lardner Park 2011
Normally assisted with a nice blue bottle, in the finals NVDGMH was running NA due to running out of the bottled goodness and still tore the tyres and burnout pad a new one! This is one hell of a tough VX SS commodore driven by a madman! http://www.modifiedcarforums.com

VT SS burnout
Having some fun in my 5.7L SS. Hope you like it :)