Gravity Bike - DK 3/4 Fairing Race

A Gravity Bike consists of a modded BMX bicycle. From the suspension to the rims, all has been changed. The biggest mod removes the cranks and peddles to use gravity as propulsion.

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Gravity Bike
S.I.N. Cycles presents the S1. Check out our website for more info or to purchase your own gravity bike or drift trike. This run is called Hellway. Starts at The Portland Zoo ends at Goosehollow Max Station down hwy 26. The max takes you back up into the hill then an elevator shoots you up to the top its perfect. Rider: Harlan Whitman Motorcycle Driver: Ryan O'Brien and Video: Brandi Kruse

great barrington gravity race YouTube

Gravity Bike Testing - 100kph
Riding with Brett Phillips - 2008 World Champion Stock Gravity Bike

Gravity Bike HQ - Welcome to our world A Gravity Bike is a specialised two wheeled bicycle propelled by nothing other than gravity. Gravitybike HQ provides information, ideas and makes the Gravity Bike community more open, connected and professional.