Gravity Bike - DK 3/4 Fairing Race

A Gravity Bike consists of a modded BMX bicycle. From the suspension to the rims, all has been changed. The biggest mod removes the cranks and peddles to use gravity as propulsion.

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Gravity Bikes - Palm Springs Aerial Tramway - GPV Race
Check Out My Other Old School G-Bike Videos From The 80's... "Scot Breithaupt - Vision Action Cycle Sports - Cole Grade Road - GPV Race Hi-Lites - No Commentary" Watch The Full Version W/ Commentary by Scot Breithaupt Titled... "Scot Breithaupt - Vision Street Wear - Action Cycle Sports - Cole Grade Road - GPVA Nationals - Full" __________________________________________ Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Road - GPV Race. This is an Old School G-Bike Race Video From The 80's. ======================================= Special Thanks to Brett Phillips at Gravitybike HQ Gravitybike HQ | Facebook =======================================

World's fastest Gravity Racer: Speed With Guy Martin - S02E04
A clip from the fourth episode of the second series of Speed with Guy Martin. This time Guy attempts to build and race the world's fastest soapbox racer, creating a unique design with help from expert designers, and training with the Team GB women's bobsled pair. To watch the full episode - 4

Gravity Bike: Falcón do Asfalto - Repaso por la temporada 2010
Un repaso de la temporada 2010 del pilto Javier Cabana, de Carneiro Racing Team y su gravity bike "Falcón do Asfalto", desde los inicios hasta la primera victoria.

BIKE FAILS ★ FUNNY Bike Fails [Epic Fails]
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