MIR Import vs Domestic 11/09/08 Integra

YoParts Integra breaking halfway down the track... crazy

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Bad Miss Shift 2001 acura integra gsr
was just makin some vids and it back fired...shifted from 3rd to 2nd... VAFC II says i got my rpms up to 9998 now i'm like 90% sure i have bent valves so i gotta pull the money outta my ass to get new ones

Imports vs Domestic Drag Racing @ Texas

MIR Import vs Domestics Part 3 11/09/2008
Races from the event

Import vs. Domestic WCF 08 - Jamie Carter's 7 Second Supra vs 8 Second Mustang in 2nd Rd. Qualifying
Import vs. Domestic World Cup Finals @ MIR 11/09/08 - 2nd Rd. Qualifying.