8 Second Turbo Hayabusa racing at the dragstrip!

Mothug Doug racing his 500hp turbo Hayabusa at the drag strip here in Dragg City! Watch him make a few passes in the low 8 second zone! The bike has since gone a best of 7.8@176mph in the quarter mile! The bike is 420hp on low Boost, the way it is being tested in this video, with plenty of power left to increase the Boost and push the bike over the 500hp mark! Show your support and SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL if you like this video! RACING FORUMS: http://www.wyldfantasies.com RACING COMEDY BLOG: http:youmightbearacer.blogspot.com

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Nitrous Hayabusa vs BMW s1000rr drag racing 2010
Quick Note: Motorcycle drag bikes are small and fast, and difficult to film. Try it sometime before you comment please that's all I ask. This was literally the second motorcycle drag racing event I ever filmed and it sucks I am the first to admit. Of course it worked out this one has gotten so popular, but please check out my later and new videos I have gotten much better having now filmed hundreds of bikes and I use a better camera, thanks. Hayabusa vs BMW S 1000 RR drag race, Sonny in the close lane running an 8.9 on the Nitrous Hayabusa vs Brock on the gold BMW in the far lane making a 9.3 pass on a pro tree at Kilkare drag strip during the "No Hatin" In Dayton motorcycle drag racing event summer of 2010.

6 Second turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle drag racing 2015
Mark Paquette's 6 Second turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle drag racing at Gateway Motorsports Park during the Nhdro 2015, Round 2 event! These are most of the passes made by Mark on his freshly painted bike, and the fastest pass to date, becoming the next Pro Street rider to break into the 6.8 second zone. If you like fast turbocharged bikes, make sure you check out my channel and subscribe for tons more 200 mph pro street bike action: http://www.youtube.com/wyldfantasies

8 second turbo snowmobile sleds drag racing on asphalt at US 131 Speedway, 2010
AMAdragbike Series: 8 second turbo snowmobile sleds tearing up the asphalt, racing at the drag strip with restrictions on the engines and still capable of mid 7 second passes at the AMA Drag Bike Series event in Martin Michigan at US 131 Speedway May 16th, 2010. If you like motorcycle drag racing videos from this event and more, take a look at my popular youtube motorsports channel and SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/wyldfantasies For EVEN MORE motorcycle drag racing videos: http://www.youtube.com/wyldfantasiesraw

NITROUS WAR: Camaro z28 6-speed vs Mustang Lx grudge race
Nitrous WAR: Camaro z28 6-speed vs Mustang Lx grudge race from Edgewater drag strip during Cincy Street Wars week 7 event! With one of the best final match up of the series so far, the 4th Gen Camaro, is a true street car featuring a 6 speed manual transmission, fully built drivetrain and suspension, and a 419 cubic inch LSX based Chevrolet engine with every trick in the book, spraying down the house with an unknown amount of Nitrous Oxide! The contender is a new one to the Cincy Street Wars event, a tried and true Mustang foxbody with a automatic 700r4 transmission backing a LSX Chevrolet engine of unknown cubic inches, and hitting it with an unknown amount of Nitrous. Both cars go rounds, taking out the other cars in the OUTLAW Class, narrowing the field to these final two contenders facing off for a cool $500 cash prizes under street-like conditions: No Prep, No Times, and Flashlight start! The final face-off is the best two of three races! If you like street racing, grudge racing, Nitrous v-8 engines and more, make sure you check out my channel: http://www.youtube.com/wyldfantasies