Dirt 2 - Motion Simulator powered by X-Sim

X-Sim full motion profile for Dirt 2, created by Nima & Chris

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Motion-sim - what happens when you hit the wall
Many people asks, what happens when driver hit the wall. You may see it. Instead of real driving he usually stays alive.. Contact sim@elsaco.cz for more info

3DOF Motion Platform - Wheel Configuration (RacingCUBE)
An affordable motion platform for racing games. Created to be compact and cheap without compromising the experience. We're now on Kickstarter, Follow and support our development. Thank you! Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/370152296/racingcube-an-affordable-and-fast-mo tion-platform Website: www.fasetech.net Racing simulation software provided by Live for Speed : www.lfs.net

Dirt2 in the Motion Pro II Racing Simulator (Revisited)
http://www.cxcsimulations.com - CXC Simulations tests Dirt2 in the Motion Pro II Racing Simulator. We decided to revisit Dirt2 after making some adjustments. This video features the all-purpose 230mm GT steering wheel is standard with each simulator can be changed out in seconds (Quick-disconnect with an internal electrical plug) to any of our other optional wheels. Configured to look, feel and function like the wheels used in GT cars and high-level sports racers, the CXC GT Wheel is constructed of carbon fiber and aluminum and features a, carbon fiber shift paddles, nine User-Definable Push Buttons, two User-Definable 6-Position Rotary Switches (to cycle through data), two User-Definable Potentiometers (to adjust things like sway bars, brake bias, weight jackers), and a 15-way View HAT (for easy menu navigation). To Configure your simulator today visit: http://www.cxcsimulations.com/motion-pro/configurator/

DIY Motion Simulator Diary - Part 3
After the move to our new house, there was a big room left for my studio and finally enough space for my sim. I didn't plan to build the EVO2 again, so I decided to construct something new, it should become bigger and better and beside others I wanted to try Eyefinity resp. a Tripple-Screen setup. As usual I made many pictures of this building-process... Enjoy the last part now - part 3 of the diary of my simulator ;-) ! If there are any questions left, please take a look at sim-parts [dot] com, there are many blog postings, pictures and videos. I hope, that you feel inspired and get some new ideas for your own simulator ! Thanks for watching !