Dodge Ram Vs Cobalt SS

My 06 dodge ram with Dual Air Intake, Throttle body Spacer, Jet stage 2 performance chip, and Flowmaster Exhaust Vs a Chevy Cobalt SS My time was 10.542 at 66.62 MPH

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2015 Lamborghini Huracan Vs 2015 Dodge Hellcat ( F
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cobalt ss s/c vs dodge ram hemi
cobalt wins

Power Control Module Install: 2015 Dodge Ram 5.7L HEMI
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Cobalt Sport Flowmaster Super 44 Series
Just a short video of my new Exhaust. 3 Low revs and 1 high rev. Here's what's on it: ZZP midlength header and 2.5" Catted downpipe combo. Stock resonator Stock rear piping Flowmaster Super 44 Muffler This is a 2008 Cobalt Sport with an LE5 Naturally Aspirated engine. It's got an Injen SRI and a ZZP PCM can tune. The sound is nice in the low range RPM. Anything over 3K RPM and it sounds raspy. It's got quite a bit of drone too, but that was a desired trait. And yes, it's a daily driver. :)