2011 Ford F150 CCFL Halo Projector Headlights Install

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2009-2014 F-150 HID Xenon LED C Style Switchback Bar Headlights
Aftermarket headlights with LED strips, bars, halos, and whatever else are a dime a dozen, but these headlights are one of the few that give your OEM quality and design that's topped off with one of the most unique looks out there. Each of these headlights has an LED bar that wraps around the contours of the lens bezel and features a specialized switchback design where a white LED strip functions as a DRL light, while an amber LED strip will activate when you hit your F150's turn signals or emergency flashers. This radical design instantly makes your 2009 to 2014 F150 one of the most aggressive and unique trucks on the street or trail. Best of all, these OE-style headlights will drop into place of trucks with both OEM projector headlights and more standard reflector headlights without a ton of custom wiring to save you a few headaches while getting you the look you want. These headlights drop right into place and come with all their necessary wiring and hardware for a complete installation. http://www.stage3motorsports.com/F150CSTYLESB-2009-2014-F150-HID-Xenon-LED- C-Style-Switchback-Bar-Headlights.html

Spyder CCFL Headlight Install - 2012 Ford F150 - AutoCustoms.com

Installing 2013 projectors on my 2011 F150
Installing 2013 OEM projectors on my 2011 Ford F150 using the harness from Projector Retrofits.

2010 F150 LED Light Conversion
Converted all interior and exterior bulbs on my 2010 F150 to LED's for that super-white glow. Better than the dull yellow look from a incandescent bulb. Cheap and easy modification: Total Cost - Under $30. Interior/Exterior Bulb Information: ($3.53) Interior Map Lights (Front of Cab): (2x) 7-LED T10 Bulbs ($3.12) Rear Seat Dome Lights: (3x) 42mm 16-LED Festoon Bulbs ($1.04) Truck Bed Lights: (2x) 25-LED T10 Bulbs ($13.57) Reverse Lights: (2x) 68-LED T10 Bulbs Total Cost: Approx $25 CAD HID Headlight and Foglight Information: DDMTuning.com for Ordering Link to Exact Page For HID Kit I Used: http://www.ddmtuning.com/Products/DDM-HID-Kit-Slim-Ballast-35W-or-55W Headlamps are H13 Hi/Low Slim Ballast 35watt Kit Ordering Options: Wattage: 35 watt Bulb Type: H13/9008 Hi/Lo (+$20) Bulb Color: 6000k No HID Harness Required Total Should be $65 Fog Lamps are H10/9145/9140 35watt Kit Wattage: 35 watt Bulb Color: 6000k Order Total $110 Plus Shipping All bulbs were from china, and there may be a dollar here or there for extra shipping. But most of the time it was Free Shipping.