Plymouth Road Runners, while a muscle car, was within the Plymouth Satellite model, an intermediate size car. The Satellite could have a V8 318 where the Road Runner, designated as a muscle car, had a V8 340 cid with 240 horses. Differences between the two are significant The Road Runner had the hood scoops, the racing stripes, the rally wheels, rally steering wheel, console with a T-handle shifter, and appropriate muscle car interior. There was the price difference too between a Satellite coupe - $2,755 and the Road Runner -- $3,115. So there you could have a choice between a Plymouth personal luxury car, the Satelite, or you could chose the Road Runner muscle car. Both models shared the same body shell but there was that significant difference. Thanks very much for viewing this 1973 Plymouth Road Runner.

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1973 Roadrunner 440, walk around. For sale!!
Sorry for poor quality, recorded off my cell phone. Message me for my number. I have a 1973 Satellite, exact Roadrunner clone and looking at the option of getting rid of it. I have no need to just testing the waters. Virtually no rust on the entire car, WHOLE underside has been undercoated. Engine: Bigblock 440 -Cammed -Bored -Was told by the last owner it was stroked as well. -Holley 750 carb -Headmen headers (5/13) to glass pack to side cutouts -Electric radiator fan with switch -Aluminum radiator -Mopar Performance aluminum valve covers -Mopar Performance Breather (4/13) -Chrome air filter shroud -Spark plugs (5/13) -MSD 18:1 High torque, high compression mini starter (5/13) -Optima 800cca battery pulling 1200cca (5/13) -Accell 45,000v coil Transmission: 727 Torqueflight - TCI filter and pan gasket (4/13) - Bans adjusted (4/13) - TCI max shift Fluid (4/13) -Oil cooler Rear differential: 10 bolt 8 1/4 SureGrip (POSI/LSD) -85/90 fuid (4/1) -New gasket (4/13) Suspension/wheelsand tires -All new Bilstein shocks (9/12) -PST Bigger front sway bar (9/12) -PST rear sway bar (9/12) -All body bushings and rubbers (9/12 -Pitman arm (9/12 -Idler arm (9/12) -Indy 500 Firehawk tires, all 4 about new (9/12) -Deeper dish wheels Steering: -New power steering pump (4/13 -Aluminum steering coupler (4/13) -Rebuilt steering joint (9/12) -PST heavy duty tie rod sleeves (9/12) -PST heavy duty tie rods (inner and outer) (9/12) -PST heavy duty ball joints (9/12) -Fresh fluid (4/13) -Fresh alignment (4/13) Interior: -All new interior except dash and carpet --Dash cracked and carpet is just ugly -C.d. player -Speakers Body: -Virtually no rust --Little bubbling on quarter panel but that's it -440 raised hood Just recently bought all new ignition and other upgraded parts (haven't gone on yet) -Optima 800cca battery pulling 1200cca (4/13) -MSD wires (4/13) -Wire looms (4/13) -MSD Pro billet ready to run distributor (4/13) -MSD coil (4/13) -Oil pan gasket (4/13) -Oil, oil additive, oil cleaner and filter for next oil change (4/13) Miscellaneous: -Newer front wheel bearing, repacked (9/12) -Belts adjusted (4/13) -Coolant flushed (4/13) -Thermostat gasket (3/13) -Positive and negative battery cables (5/13) -Brake fluid flush (9/12) -Front rotors turned (9/12) **I also have all the receipts for all the work I have done.** Ill add more as I think of it and when I have time. I would love a trade preferably RWD or AWD and stick shift, no automatic and no FWD Otherwise 13,000 OBO

1973 Plymouth Satellite For Sale Coupe for sale in Riverhead
This 1973 Plymouth Satellite For Sale Coupe is for sale in Riverhead, NY 11901 at WeBe Autos Ltd.. Contact WeBe Autos Ltd. at www.webeclassics.com or http://www.carsforsale.com/used_cars_for_sale/dealerinventory.aspx?dealerid =425148 Engine: Unspecified 360 Transmission: Unspecified Color: Purple Mileage: 31000 Contact WeBe Autos Ltd. 1129 Cross River Road Riverhead, NY 11901 to test drive this 1973 Plymouth Satellite For Sale Coupe today.

Plymouth Roadrunner Satellite Sebring 1973
contact; pumpwarehouse@yahoo.com 100% True Survivor, turnkey drive anywhere.... 1973 Plymouth 1974 Plymouth Sebring ~ 2 door ~ light tan exterior ~ spotless, no rips, medium-dark gold interior ~ white vinyl roof ~ 19,875 orig. miles, not a rollover Plymouth . 1. I was the 1st person to take the factory brake drum off the car, 2. all parts factory stamped ~ 100% factory stock car ~ 3. has all stock tags under hood/trunk ~ 4. has hubcap wheels ~ bench seat ~ 5. what have I done to car? new master cylinder 6. rebuilt 2 barrel carb, 7. re-arched rear springs. 8. car is straight and tight on the road and drives... as new, 9. newer tires ( 1st set since factory tires were changed ) 10 put a R.R. stripped & primered hood on car ~ 11 "0" undercarriage/trunk/frame rust... trunk still smells as new 12 the only surface rust on the entire car is between the rear window and trunk lid ( vinyl came off there/needs a new strip of vinyl put back on... 4" wide ) 13 Rest of white vinyl roof is excellent, 14 The paint on the car is dull, needs painted. 15 Bought from the original owners friend, who traded car + paid him for remodeling her home, 16 she did not drive, her husband bought the car new in 1972 and died of cancer in 1975. 17 has a cigarette burn on dash pad, needs replaced. 18 Quarters/fenders/etc. are clean, 100% factory clean. 19 doors are clean, floors are clean, frame is as new. 20 no rust bubbling found anywhere/sand and paint. 21 Fully updated Turn key driver. I would Drive this car anywhere "as new" with confidence. 22 I was going to paint it red with white roadrunner stripes but now have 7 cars I am working on, something has to go. 23 This will be someone's investment of a lifetime. 24 No surprises on this turnkey car. ~ 1971 Plymouth roadrunner ~ 1972 Plymouth roadrunner ~ 1973 Plymouth roadrunner ~ 1974 Plymouth roadrunner contact pumpwarehouse@yahoo.com

Restored Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus, Restyled with VHT and Dupli-Color Paints
The Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus is fully restored! See how we did the body work, wheel paint, dashboard restyle, engine bay, engine, calipers.... you name it, we did it! Learn more about VHT products here: http://vhtpaint.com/ Check out Dupli-Color's products here: http://www.duplicolor.com/ Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/VHTPaint And Facebook too: http://www.facebook.com/VHTPaint