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37ème Super Stock Car à Villabon - 15 minutes HD
Vidéo SD/720p/1080p du 37ème Grand Prix de Stock Car réalisée par Cekispass le 25 Août 2013 à Villabon (Cher). Article de blog et galerie d'images : ar-villabon-cher-25-aout-2013/ Visitez pour vous tenir informés des sorties en Nièvre & ses environs. Rubriques Sorties avec agenda & calendrier, Blog en images & vidéos et actualités et partage d'informations culturelles, touristiques et évènementielles et + encore...

Worst Figure 8 Crash @ Slinger Super Speedway Ever!!!!! 9/11/2011
This is a video of the worst figure 8 Crash Ever @ Slinger Super Speedway. Ryan Lovald just bought Shane the Shark Beckers car and this was the first race racing that car. Ryan Lovald hit Rick Bruskiewicz right behind the Right Front Tire and Ryan Rolls. BOTH DRIVERS WALKED AWAY. You can here a scream right as the hit happens. That was Nicki, Ryans Fiance. You can see a black smoking dot to the right of Ryans car as well that is his motor, the motor came out of the car. Ryan was wearing his INTERSECTION CONNECTION shirt he just made up as well. That was a connection. Ryans knee was hurting and Rick had a small cut. What happened with me in the race was going into turn 3, Bill Shavlik ran into me and knocked my car into neutral which you will here on the in car camera video, I then tried to move up the track to get out of the way and Scott Goetzke was going around me which I didnt see, We joked before the race about hitting eachother and me getting even from the beginning of the year, I never knew he was there. He then slammed me a few times before spinning out and hitting the rollover ramp. I would have done the same thing to him if the tables were turned there so I understood why he hit me back. I then pulled up next to him at the start finish line. We talked and I explained what happened in my car. Scott understood and we shook hands. No big deal there. Its funny now cause everyone thought myself and Scott were fighting but we were really just talking about what actually happened and getting on the same page. I want to thank everyone that was a fan of the cop car. I will most likely not be driving it next year and it is sold. I know pretty much everyone just likes the car and doesnt even know who I am so you will be happy to know it will be coming back as the cop car next year, just with a different driver. It was a blast and I might do this again in the future but for now I'm done. I want to thank my sponsors that have been with me from the beginning of me racing. Guerndt's Bar in St. Lawrence, Keiths Marina, Kettle Moraine Properties (Bob Hart) P.W. Walsh, Race and Street Graphics and Daves Lanes of Hartford. Figure 8's are a blast and it is a testament to the safety equipment in race cars that with a wreck like what happened in this video, they can walk away. Thank You again.... Brandon Wolf.

Gone But Not Forgotten: Fatal Stock Car Crash Compilation & Tribute (Remake)
The remake to my GBNF tribute, which was muted due to a copyright claim. I have corrected a few things, added some clips that I either missed or were not available at the time, and changed the songs. As well, this is the first major project that I have attempted making in Sony Vegas Pro. Drivers in video: Dick Kaufman (1954) Bobby Myers (1957) Paul McDuffie (Crew Member), Charles Sweatlund (Crew Member), & Joe Taylor (Official) (1960) Joe Weatherly (1964) Glenn "Fireball" Roberts (1964) Buren Skeen (1965) Harold Kite (1965) Don MacTavish (1969) Talmadge "Tab" Prince (1970) Raymond "Friday" Hassler (1972) Randy Owens (Crew Member) (1972) Tiny Lund (1975) Don Williams (1979) Benny "Ricky" Knotts (1980) Bruce Jacobi (1983) Terry Schoonover (1984) Rick Baldwin (1986) Joe Young (1987) Charlie Jarzombek (1987) Prentice "Corky" Cookman (1987) Tracy Read (1987) Jim Robinson (1988) Grant Adcox (1989) Julius "Slick" Johnson (1990) David Gaines (1990) Mike Rich (Crew Member) (1990) Chris Gerhke (1991) Gary Neice (1991) J.D. McDuffie (1991) Gary Batson (1991) Joe Booher (1993) Neil Bonnett (1994) Rodney Orr (1994) Russell Phillips (1995) John Nemechek (1997) Chad Coleman (1998) Adam Petty (2000) Kenny Irwin, Jr. (2000) Tony Roper (2000) Dale Earnhardt (2001) Blaise Alexander (2001) Eric Martin (2002) Carlos Pardo (2009) Drivers not in video: Rex Stansell (1952) Larry Mann (1952) Frank Arford (1953) Bill Blevins & Jesse Midkiff (1953) Lou Figaro (1954) Al Briggs (1955) John McVitty (1956) Clint McHugh, Cotton Priddy (1956) Gwyn Staley (1958) Glen Wagner (1958) Harold Haberling (1961) Jimmy Pardue (1964) Billy Wade (1965) Billy Foster (1967) Larry Smith (1973) Sonny Easley (1978) Tim Williamson (1980) John Nelson (1982) Gene Richards (1982) Ken Kalla (1983) Francis Affleck (1985) Stuart Lyndon (1985) Richie Evans (1985) Charles Ogle (1985) Tommy Druar (1989) Don Pratt (1989) Tony Jankowiak (1990) Clifford Allison (1992) Scott Baker (2000) John Baker (2002) Marcelo Núñez (2004) Tom Baldwin Sr. (2004) John Blewitt III (2007) Shane Hammond (2008) Music: Alice in Chains - Brother Pearl Jam - Black Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under the Bridge (Instrumental)

Old Street Stock Crashes
some old street stock crashes and a few old modified crashes