VQ Sentra vs RSX-S

Smurf vs Keyrsx

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Spec-V vs RSX Type-s

Vq sentra vs k20 civic race
Runs between a Vq swapped sentra vs a k20 swapped eg civic. Good runs first, then the failed attempts.

This is the first stage Of our VQ35 Sentra Project... this is going on in Anasco, P.R. the car is a 1997 4 doors Sentra with a very aggressive Strip... about 500lbs less than a Sentra... finaly the competition got serious...

VQ sentra on 1/4 mile
Another 12.5 @ 110mph missing third gear but this time with 1.68 60ft. In the process of fixing the shifting issue and setting up the 2step/wot shifting for next time.