Supras on the Autobahn

Some Supras, enjoy ;)

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Supra Turbo vs V8 BMW M3
video is from the German tv show D Motor, drag race between the MKIV Toyota Supra vs the E92 BMW M3

Highway Street Racing
This was on my old Account *racingtech*

850 hp Toyota Supra with Greedy, iForged etc.
850hp Toyota Supra This Supra from Germany is professional tuned up to 850 hp. This videos was made in 2012 on the autobahn in southern germany. The Supra was not running on full Boost, so it must be at around 600-650 hp at that moment. Still impressive fast and a ground sound from the greedy Exhaust.

Redline Supra
Redline Supra It is the best Toyota Supras.