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1987 Buick Riviera

Have a look to the "Graphic Control Center"of my 87 Buick Riviera. Touch Screen in the mid 80s - SciFi...


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1990 Buick Riviera 1 Owner 73K Orig Miles 3800 V6 Oldsmobile Toronado GM Classic
Buick Riviera It seems like you do not see all that many of these now days. http://www.1ownercarguy.com and I really do like these COupes I like A Cadillac Eldorado with the V8 and these in the 3800 V6 is just one of the best Gas Sipping Economical Sports car you can drive for CHEAP the Luxury is Great and the Ride the Comfert etc etc On and on.. Leather seating all the options and this one is a One Owner car with only a tad ove 72k on it. Make sure and check out My channel and Website I have all sorts of Unique 1 and 2 Owner cars and I sell them Cheap I will Include links B E L O W Cheers Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy 406-544-6919 Make sure and visit Some of My Websites Below I do All Sorts of Unique Things..;-) http://www.1ownercarguy.com http://www.cerealmarshmallows.com http://www.missoulaautoauction.com http://www.vita-depot.com http://www.Nathanwratislaw.com From Wikipedia The E-body coupes were converted to unibody construction and further downsized for 1986, to a 108 in (2,700 mm) wheelbase shared with the Buick Regal. The V6 was now the only engine, rated initially at 142 hp (106 kW) SAE and 200 lb·ft (270 N·m) of torque. It used the turbo-Hydramatic 440-T4 automatic with a 2.84:1 final drive ratio. This generation was noted for advanced electronic instrumentation, including the first automotive touchscreen controls, which were on a dash-mounted 9-inch (230 mm) CRT display. Four-wheel disc brakes were standard. With a choice of three suspension packages available, up to the performance oriented FE3 setting, handling was notably improved. The Riviera placed fourth for Motor Trend's 1986 Car of the Year contest. Fuel economy was notably improved for the 1986 Riviera, but the substantial investment in the downsized, transverse engine front wheel drive platform resulted in a substantial price increase, to $19,831 to the base model and $21,577 for the new T-Type. Downsizing also resulted in a dimensional similarity to smaller, less expensive offerings from GM, with shared styling cues reinforcing the unfortunate resemblance. 1989-1993 Buick Riviera The smaller dimensions, generic styling, and lack of V8 power soured buyers, and sales plummeted to 22,138 for 1986, only 15,223 for 1987, and a dismal 8,625 for 1988. A restyle for 1989 that added 11 inches (280 mm) to the overall length (on an unchanged wheelbase) helped, but only incrementally, Boosting sales to 21,189 for 1989, but dropping to a low of 4,555 for 1993, the shortened final year of that model.[1] The last 1993 Riviera rolled off the Detroit/Hamtramck Assembly plant line on December 10, 1992. Sales in the personal luxury coupe segment were in decline from 1986 onward, although it is unclear whether the general market trend was initiated by the poor public reception of GM's newly downsized offerings or an inevitable shift in the tastes of the buying public. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

My nice car Buick Riviera

Jeff Brock Bonneville Buick
Jeff Brock, driving his "Bombshell Betty" 1952 Buick Super Riviera, sets a new class world-record at Bonneville in early October 2012.

Buick Riviera
Buick Riviera

Bad-Ass Buick: 1955 Special - /BIG MUSCLE
Owner: • Harry Fisher In stock form, the 1955 Buick Special could best be described as a "nice" car. It's not drop dead gorgeous like a 1959 Impala, nor does it have the panache of say a 1956 Chrysler 300. You see the '55 Buick Special was a working mans car. It had room enough for the whole family, a decent power-plant thanks to its 264 cubic inch V8, and style that was, well... above average. Harry Fisher or "Uncle Harry" as most people know him, saw the old Buick a bit differently though. He knew that with a few little touches (like a 502 cubic inch big-block, modern suspension, and a new set of wheels) that this old Buick had the potential to become one of the baddest hot-rods around.

The beat 1987 Buick Riviera T-Type
Heres my new junker! Its a beat to crap 87 Buick Riviera T-type. I got this from one of my co-workers for $75, it has been rotting behind my work for 2 year now and shows it. The car doesnt start right now, but Im told it did start when it was parked. Someone smashed the windshield and grille out at some point too. The car leaks like crazy and smells like a toilet. Its really too bad, this car has the touch screen CRT system which is just plain cool. The car has every option except for keyless entry. I would love to drive this car, but unfortunatly its too far gone. It has the same 3.8l V6 as my lesabre and I plan to just pull that and scrap the rest. This is definitly one of the most overlooked 80's cars and probably the most advanced from that time.

2014 Ridler Award Winner Detroit Autorama 1964 Buick Rivera "Rivision"
When I first seen this car I thought it was Mid Engine..turbo....lol....I was over whelmed by it's coolness....It is in fact turbo Charged...but the motor is in the front....The 2014 Ridler Award winner at the Detroit Autorama...The 1964 Riviera...Rivision.......This is as cool as it gets!!!...check it out...Make sure you follow me so that you don't miss me getting confused at some of the biggest Cars shown on the planet!! See the latest ScottieDTV gear at http://www.etmotorgear.com/category_s/1870.htm Check it out!!

1983 Buick Riviera drop top on swangz screw blue
WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/1STOPAUTOMOTIVE WWW.1STOPAUTO.US Fully restored and customized by one stop automotive, including custom blue paint, 20" swangerz on low pro vogues, benz blinkers, custom made CC grille, peanut butter top, peanut butter interior with blue suede inserts, fiberglass dash insert with dakota digital dash, pioneer navigation, and a 11" TV. Custom made fiberglass console & rear panels houseing four 6x9s. Pop trunk and bumper kit recline with fully fiberglassed trunk holding 2 orion xtrpro 15"s, Orion xtr 1000.1 and xtr600.4 & neon sign,

1973 Buick Boattail Riviera Commercial
I just found this classic car commercial online and being a big Buick Boattail Riviera fan I made the decision to upload this commercial to my user account in order to share it with the rest of you car fans out there and I must admit that this is one of the best car commercials I have ever seen because it gives allot of good details about the car it is also the longest car commercial I have ever watched I hope that you guy's IL enjoy it

Boattail 1990 Buick Riviera - concept car
"Faced with slumping sales, Buick briefly flirted with a radical departure from their stodgy image in 1987, when the Board of Directors secretly commissioned Jerry Hirschberg - the original head designer of the powerful & highly-styled 'Boattail Riviera' - to 'reinterpret the classic boattail design and usher in a new Golden Era for Buick.' Working under a non-disclosure policy so strict it was "pretty much a secrecy oath," Hirschberg spent nearly two years on his design - which maintained the trademark 'boattail' rear end while adding futuristic flourishes, including a scooped grill and daring wheel skirts. When it was finally unveiled to the Board in 1990, the proposed "re-energizer" of the Buick brand was hugely controversial - and it is not hard to see why, with its gas-devouring, old school 455 V8 and unique styling that many on the board condemned as "beyond comic book." When the building that housed the only '90 Boattail prototype - as well as all the related plans and drawings - went up in flames, the supporters of the neo-boattail suspected arson. However, no investigation was ever launched. With the project mired in controversy and now hopelessly behind schedule, the experiment was left behind. Instead, Buick continued on the safe and staid course that had been its path for the last couple of decades - ever since the last of the boattail Rivieras had rolled off the assembly lines in 1973."

1972 Buick Riviera for sale $21,750. 3/9/2012
1972 Buick Riviera Custom Purple Rhapsody paint, 20' rims, notched front bumper, chrome grill. 72k miles all original interior mint condition!

1967 Buick Riviera SOLD
このリビエラ売り物です。アキュミュレーター3個使っ ますので普通の車と変わらない乗り心地です。 興味ある人は下記までお気軽にご連絡ください。 03-3558-2382 www.speednuts.net

Inherited '84 Buick Riviera T Type
1984 Buick Riviera T Type...44,000 original miles and was owned by my grandfather. Immaculate two tone leather interior, digital dash, sports steering wheel, moonroof, turbo v6, less than 1000 made in 1984. Even the rear trunk is electric! I recently had a new radiator, new front shocks, tuned and new battery installed. Receipts to show work. This car does have some hail damage from a recent storm but many of the dents have popped out with the summer heat/sun. (Note: The dash light is for the parking brake which was engaged) Overall very nice car.

1975 Buick Riviera promo
Footage of the 1975 Buick Riviera promo

1968 Buick Riviera
1968 Buick Riviera For Sale in Chicago, Illinois. This 68 Buick Riv with 1,800 miles since restoration and 110,214 actual miles. This 2nd Generation E-Body Riviera has been in the owner's family since 1970. Options include A/C,AM/FM Radio, Power Brakes, Power Windows, Power Steering, Tilt Wheel, Traction Control, Seat Belts, Vinyl Leather, White Walls, Radial Tires, and Rally Wheels. Restoration included; New Paint (Forrest Green, Original Color), New Vinyl Top, New Windshield, Transmission Overhaul, New Tires, New Front Shocks, Total Rebuilt 430 CID and Carburetor to original specs. This 1968 Buick Riviera can be seen at www.gatewayclassiccars.com, and in located in our Chicagoland Showroom, which can be reached at 708-444-4488.

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