1919 Buick First start since 1952

This is the first startup of this 1919 buick six roadster that had been sitting in a barn in ohio since 1952. It was parked there with a bad differential. My boss bought it on Ebay and i gently disassembled the engine, cleaned out the 50+ year old oil, freed up the piston rings and put it back together. I had to substitute a newer coil to get a strong spark and had manually filled the float bowl of the carburetor. No fuel pump was hooked up or water in the engine hence the short run time. This is a very cool early overhead valve engine with an aluminum crankcase,cast iron cylinder block, roller tappets, exposed valvetrain, zero gap piston rings, and electric start. This car had about 14,000 miles on the odometer. Enjoy the video! Check out my other video/slide show for engine disassembly pictures.

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1931 Ford Model A. First start since 1965!
It's alive!! First start since 1965! Our family has owned this Model A since the early 90s. It has just been sitting in our shop since. With lots of other cars this one always got overlooked. I finally decided to pull it out of her parking spot and see if it would start. :) I accidentally called it a Buick because we have had 31 Buick for years.. so when I said 31 Buick just came out. LOL

1957 Desoto Fireflite first start in 20+ years
Starting my Desoto for the first time since I've had it. Before I got it, it sat in a field in ND for a very long time, I don't even know how long. Runs like a top though, there is what sounds like ticking in the video but that must have been from the microphone on my phone because it runs quiet aside from the lack of Exhaust.

How to start a 1912 Cadillac
The 1912 Cadillac is the first automobile in the world to include a starter motor. This is the procedure in starting one and driving away.

Starting 850 H.P. 8 cyl, 4 carbs, 32 spark plugs, gasoline engine
This is the first start up after setting a year. Sterling gasoline inline 8 cyclinder, 32 spark plugs, 2 distributors, 4 carbs and 850 H.P. remember this is a gasoline engine. Pumped water in Danville Ill. For more info google "83 footer".