Wayne Yearbury 2011 HD Tachyon XC TEST RUN

Test runs with 7 second passes on the 1953 Top Doorslammer Studebaker , 526 cubic inch Keith Black engine, using the new 2011 HD Tachyon XC action camera. This waterproof action camera can function up to 30 metres depth with 120 degree angle recording view and the patented shock proof system. These latest cameras are available at http://www.tachyonxc.co.nz

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WAYCO DOOR SLAMMER - thunder down under, engine run up
WAYCO Door Slammer Studebaker Keith Black PSI supercharged methanol engine run up Ardmore wings n wheels 2012, Wayco vs a jet on the main runway, engine pre run. The percussion from the Exhaust and the noise when your standing that close is insane.... everyones got ear plugs in, except Wayne...... tough ole bugger... music to the soul man..... http://www.wayco.co.nz/racing/BDC07/live/yearbury.php

Top Doorslammers, 2015 Nitro Shootout.
Top Doorslammers racing at Fram Autolite Dragway during the 2015 Nitro Shootout. Mark Bardsley, 69 Comaro. Barry Plumpton, 05 Monte Carlo. Russell Lowe, 69 Comaro. Nigel Dixon, 67 Comaro. Wayne Yearbury, 53 Studebaker. Gary Benham, 51 Holden. Robert Owens, 64 Falcon. Ross Taylor, 57 Chev. Graham Carter, '77 XJS. Robert Ward, Skyline. dragnews.con.au story http://tinyurl.com/lrhwopk Feel free to hit the 'like' button. Thanks! If you want to follow me on YouTube, subscribe to my channel for my latest videos!

Top Doorslammers Calder Park true Blue 2011
Peter Lovering in his wild 55 Belair giving it a blast down the 1/8th mile.Such a cool looking shoebox.

572 Keith Black Chevy Blown Alcohol 112811 001.MP4
572 Keith Black Chevrolet Blown Alcohol Pickelfork Hydro With 1800 Plus horsepower That Starts Like A Honda Civic.