F1 Sepang Circuit Hot Laps in the Lexus ISF with Tony Brakohiapa

This is a video of a hot laps inside the Lexus ISF driven by Tony Brakohiapa, a professional stunt driver. It was an awesome experience seeing how the professional manage their vehicle in dealing with the various corners of the F1 Sepang Circuit. Tony's from the Jim Russell school of racing in the US.

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Bonsai. Private collection of Mr Robert Looi Hoong Whooi, Malaysia 2011
The bonsai plants were cultivated and groomed personally by Mr Robert Looi.

Lexus ISF Test Driver Matsushita san
www.powertrain-international.com - Matsushita san takes a lap in the ISF.

Robertlooi bonsai plants 2011
My fabourite plants and how I have shaped them to what they are today. Take note of their girth sizes. After 30 plus years of hardwork and time spent and it is worth the hard work when I see the result. Hopfully I can keep chasing after these plants in time to come for better results.

Lexus ISF Exhaust2.mp4
HKS SSM rear section Exhaust and center pipe for the Lexus IS-F.