Will it Run? Episode Nine: 1962 Plymouth Belvedere

Hi! Cold War Motors just bought this horrible 1962 Plymouth; can we get it to move again? It had been completely disassembled and left outside for many years. The engine is seized, and the budget for repairs is zero, as usual. Some unique problems, with it being a push button automatic, and trying to jam in a later- model engine... Its a bit longer than my other vids, I hope you like it! No more music, as per viewer requests. Thanks everyone for watching, commenting, and subscribing! More to come!

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Will it Run? Episode 10: 1969 Dodge Dart 270
Hi! Time to try starting this old Dart; it's been sitting around, and why not get it to go one more time before it is sacrificed for parts to save a very rare Dart GTS 440!

Stella's Saturday Special: Fire up the 1961 Plymouth Belvedere!
Hi! This time I thought we'd fire up the ol' Belvedere. Several people asked for a look at this car, so here we go. I pulled it out of the barn and stuck a battery in it and she started up right away. I parked this car about 12 years ago, and the gas is getting pretty stale, haha. Nevertheless, we did manage to drive around the yard for a bit. This car has it's original 225 slant six engine and its still quite serviceable. A fun dashboard straight from the rocket-cars-from-outer-space school of design. Ditto the exterior; Virgil Exner was really reaching for the stars with these last of his forward look series, and some regard this model as having been the styling equivalent of "a bridge too far"... I am a big fan of these cars; almost none were saved so you don't see them very often. I hope you enjoy a short look at this fun old Plymouth. Thanks again to everyone for subscribing, and for your comments on the cars! Cheers from me and Stella.

Will it Run? Episode 17: 1964 Meteor! Part 1 of 3
Hi! This time my friend Agent 223 has acquired a barn-find 1964 Meteor 4 door sedan! It's in nice original condition, but it hasn't been started in over 30 years! Let's have a look at this Canadian-made car (a mix of Ford and Mercury components) and try to get it to run again! No bodywork to do this time, this car is still in its original paint and is a real survivor! I hope you enjoy a look and listen to this sweet old six-banger Ford; not many of these low-end models remain today! Thanks everyone for watching and subscribing; I have several more episodes on the way! Cheers, CWMC

Will it Run? Episode 13: 1966 Dodge A100 Boogie Van!
Hi! Well, this time it's a real treat to try to get this old boogie van running again with Agents 533 and 100013... The old slant six tossed a rod many years ago, and Agent 100013 scrounged up a 360 V8 to throw in there. He had to find a rare V8 van-style automatic to make the swap come together, but other than some screwing around with the motor mounts, it wasn't too bad. Still lots to do, but maybe we can get it moving first!