Will it Run? Episode Nine: 1962 Plymouth Belvedere

Hi! Cold War Motors just bought this horrible 1962 Plymouth; can we get it to move again? It had been completely disassembled and left outside for many years. The engine is seized, and the budget for repairs is zero, as usual. Some unique problems, with it being a push button automatic, and trying to jam in a later- model engine... Its a bit longer than my other vids, I hope you like it! No more music, as per viewer requests. Thanks everyone for watching, commenting, and subscribing! More to come!

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Will it Run? Episode 10: 1969 Dodge Dart 270
Hi! Time to try starting this old Dart; it's been sitting around, and why not get it to go one more time before it is sacrificed for parts to save a very rare Dart GTS 440!

1931 Model A Truck Project Part 3!
Hey! We're back with Part 3 of this Model A Ford project! Time to finish upholstering the top, and then we'll drop the body on the frame so Agent 0826 can take it home and get it running while I finish some other stuff around here (coming soon!). As usual, I have to thank all the people that watch, like, comment, and especially subscribe to our channel here; thanks for making this Youtube project worthwhile and encouraging us to carry on making the videos. Agent 0826 decided that he wanted me to redo the box floor and detail the outside of the box to match the cab, so that video will be coming soon as well! I had a lot of fun with that; hope you guys like it. Meanwhile, there's still the AMC Ambassador underway (parts arriving right away), another cool customer unit, as well as a couple other projects of our own coming up! Thanks again for checking it out; more on the way soon and all the best from everyone here and my best girl Stel... s&s

Stella's Saturday Special: Fire up the 1961 Plymouth Belvedere!
Hi! This time I thought we'd fire up the ol' Belvedere. Several people asked for a look at this car, so here we go. I pulled it out of the barn and stuck a battery in it and she started up right away. I parked this car about 12 years ago, and the gas is getting pretty stale, haha. Nevertheless, we did manage to drive around the yard for a bit. This car has it's original 225 slant six engine and its still quite serviceable. A fun dashboard straight from the rocket-cars-from-outer-space school of design. Ditto the exterior; Virgil Exner was really reaching for the stars with these last of his forward look series, and some regard this model as having been the styling equivalent of "a bridge too far"... I am a big fan of these cars; almost none were saved so you don't see them very often. I hope you enjoy a short look at this fun old Plymouth. Thanks again to everyone for subscribing, and for your comments on the cars! Cheers from me and Stella.

1931 Ford Model A Truck Project Part 2!
Hey, we're back with more of the refurb on Agent 0826's 1931 Model "A" pickup truck! This time we're going to finish up the metalwork on the cab and rebuild the badly damaged passenger side door. Then, it's time to try upholstering the top of the cab. We'll get the liner done this episode, and finish the top in Part 3 (coming up right away)... I am really lucky to have friends who want this type of work done, and projects like this A are a treat, especially when the owner is right in there helping. The group of guys that help out on all of our cars is a valuable and much appreciated asset when it is impossible to do everything by yourself. You guys exemplify the CWMC motto: "Be Worth Knowing". Thanks to everyone who watched, liked, commented and subscribed! We genuinely appreciate that anyone would take the time to shoot us a note. Also, I wanted to say a thank-you to everyone who sent a note saying that they would support our channel if we decided to do a Patreon-type of account instead of having ads on our channel. It seems that my last appeal (to the YT censorship-cops) was heard (weeks after the video had been put up and watched) and now that video has ads running on it. I do not know the fate of these next ones, as I am not going to change the style of our show in order to sell soft drinks or whatever. As Stella says, "We will not self-censor". Anyhow, thanks again, and I'll be looking into setting up a merch site / Patreon / whatever as soon as I get a chance here. I am extremely busy with lots of fun projects right now, and I'd love to be able to share them with everyone, but these videos take a long time to put together and I can't really afford to do them very often right now. I have a lot of stuff already filmed, so I'll try harder to get the editing done, but I have to choose between making as much in a month of youtube as I do in an afternoon of doing body and paint work for customers... I definitely want to do more though, as it is a rewarding thing to share these projects with you. All the best from me and Stella and all of the guys here! s&s