Suzuki Hayabusa Top Speed Run

Suzuki Hayabusa Top Speed Run hes got no fear of being an organ donor

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Hayabusa - top speed
watch the speedometer

Hayabusa 2011 top speed red line 6th gear 11,000 RPM
so you can see me shift into 5th gear at the exact moment the speedo is pegged at 190 so the rest of 6th gear is still pulling super hard and no limiter came to show its ugly head i think the mode switch might have something to do with it

350 km / h Suzuki Gsxr 1300 / Hayabusa Adana-Mersin Otoban
Top Speed 350 km / h

Black Devil - Hayabusa Turbo test как это видео собрало столько просмотров?? хуй знает))) овощная тестовая езда, первый выезд на турбобусе