theSAABguy Repairs: 2002 SAAB 9-5 Blower Motor or Fan Speed Controller

In this video I replace a Fan Speed Controller on a 2002 SAAB 9-5. I began the job believing it could just be the blower motor (which is easier), but after plugging in the good blower motor I diagnosed the Fan Speed Controller to be the true culprit. Here is a link of the part which needed to be replaced: You can follow the directions as seen in this video for both the blower motor and fan speed controller. However I don't show what I did under the dash which was the trickiest part. Enjoy your SAAB. Jay

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2002 Saab 9-5 Aero - One Take
This 2002 Saab 9-5 Aero is a mostly stock example driven daily by its owner all over the US. It features a 2.3L turbocharged Four-Cylinder engine with a manual transmission. Its mild upgrade list includes EBC Brake Rotors and Pads, Bilstein Rear and Sachs front struts, and BF Goodrich Sport Comp 2 Tires. It is a well-mannered cruiser that would make quite the comfortable daily driver or road tripper. Follow Daniel on Instagram! This should be a rarity because there are no Saabs in California so this is Daniel. When did you move from Vermont? [LAUGHS] I'm just kiddin I was born in the Valley, actually. 2.3 four-cylinder turbo with the big turbo. For you, I've got new Sport Comp 2s Ooh! Those are good tires. Yes, new EBC rotors and pads and we delayed the shoot so I can get new struts so we've got A block in the back, stocks in the front. They really are this one is a hydraulic so it's a little nicer. Saabs are good for learning easy Now I learned on my '95 900 when I used to have it. Yeah! How great were those? Yeah, I loved it. Is this seat heater on right now? Yeah, you can turn it off. Anyway, what drew you to the 9-5? Well, before this I had a '95 Saab 900. Which was the only result? No, there's plenty of options? Are there? I don't see Saabs very often. But I like Saabs; they're safe, they're individualistic. Yeah it's a European car that's not a BMW or Mercedes And it's near luxury Yeah it's mostly when these were new this was pretty luxury I think. I see you've got your car camping stickers and your Coachella sticker so is this you're like Coachella hotel? It is, I take it to Coachella every year. You get good fuel economy? Yeah, it can - I get about 20, 21. I've taken it as far North as Seattle, as far East as Vegas and as far South as Coachella. 156 thousand miles how many miles were on it when you got it? I bought it 3 years ago at 98 thousand Okay, and has it been a champ? Mostly. What is broken that you've had to fix? Quite a few things, you can see them all on my Wheelwell. So to name them let's see: fuel pump, starter, alternator, battery, old serpentine belt. Alright so not terrible I mean those are some things but not really catastrophic yeah and you're talking about a car that had a hundred km on it when you bought it so alright, alright. And three years ago it was $5000 I say it's served you pretty well I've enjoyed it. It's got me in trouble you could get in trouble with this. That's what the smoothness and it got really smooth powers you could be up-what is that? Coyote Yeah Kinda cute one too you can easily be up in 80 or 90 miles an hour. I can believably admit to 90 mph 'cos I've been ticketed for that. You're good [LAUGHS] I like that - you know I have a really bad back - so I really like this like upright driving position and the visibility is really good I should have told you about the lumbar support that's kind of- tell me about it now It's on the side, it's a knob It should be fully engaged though It feels like it's engaged... I just messed it all up I ruined it. I usually go to... I can't remember the name right now but they're in Simi Valley, right behind Jack In The Box I'll shout out Swedish Pro-Tech in Hermosa. The good news is, you're kind of invisible in this; no one's really looking at a silver Saab. Yeah I got that ticket at 4 in the morning so there's only one to look at. DANIELS: Yeah the synchros are failing in third definitely, in second and fourth sometimes but third is the trouble child. The only issue with this engine is oil issues. Oiling issues, you were saying? Yeah, oil isssues. That could be catastrophic Well I'm pretty good at picking on top of it Like oil leaking or oil pressure? Well I've got a very slow oil leak and I think it's combined with burning oil as well Ah well that's what an old Ger- I almost said German an old European car is for. I can definitely be on board with you there, Daniel. Thanks man, check out Daniel's Wheelwell to see what it takes to keep a Saab 9-5 running and apparently it's quite a bit but it's worth it for the seats. All the interior money went to the seats - press the plastic under the speedo.