Kentucky Sheriff Breaks the Law

A Deputy Sheriff from Greenup County, Kentucky, breaks the law on Wednesday, November 7, 2007 at 7:06 AM in Worthington, Ohio.

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Drunk cop tries to pass a sobriety field test
If you get pulled over in Louisiana and your blood alcohol level is lower than the cops who stopped're free to go. Police Dash-cam video footage.

Lazy Traffic Cops go through red light- Jimmy Justice
Perhaps they thought that nobody was watching because it was late at night... These New York City traffic enforcement agents repeatedly violate protocol by not getting out of their vehicle to properly affix a parking summons. They are lazy and they think that nobody is watching them so they stick their arm out the window to slap tickets on civilian vehicles. Then in their haste to ticket vehicles quickly , they jump a steady red light and drive dangerously. Nobody is above the law !!!

traffic cop Anderson breaks the law & has a message for NYC
This is a scene from my upcoming documentary Jimmy Justice. What can we do when officers openly flout the same laws they are charged with enforcing? A traffic enforcement agent parks her official vehicle blocking a fire hydrant while she goes into a restaurant to eat lunch.It is an abuse of power because it is her job to write summonses to others for similar violations. What is even more shocking is that a retired police woman walks by while the scene is unfolding and defends the traffic enforcement agent and tries to intimidate the cameraman.... But Jimmy Justice cannot be intimidated! Traffic agent Anderson tries to drive away without wearing her seat belt, but she doesnt leave before giving a message to the citizens of New York about what her and her agency think of them.

Ford Vs. Oak Tree / chimney
Four bored guys and a nice truck