LS2 GTO vs Camaro SS

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Scatpack Vs Cammed Out GTO
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LS2 GTO vs LS2 Corvette 2
bolt on LS2 C6 vs bolt ons and cam LS2 GTO in mexico

2010 Camaro SS vs 2004 GTO LS1
Dig Racing ... too close to call You decide 2010 Camaro SS (red) CAI, catback Exhaust Syndicate tune vs Black Goat 2004 GTO LS1 Automatic 3200 Stall Cam 230/232 .591/.591 Kooks Headers & high flow cats Corsa catback, Drag Radials Z-man Tune

2005 Pontiac GTO vs 1999 Camaro SS Roll/Dig Runs
2005 GTO Cam/Stall Full Bolt-Ons (1 Person in car) vs 1999 Camaro SS "CAMDARO" Cam/Stall/Intake/Gear Full Bolt-Ons (2 People in car) first race 60-130 second race dig, 0-120 third race dig, 0-110 in *Mexico*