Cold Air Intake '97 Oldsmobile Aurora

Removed stock intake and replaced it with a 10" Spectre filter.

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K&N Air Intake-Aurora 320 hp
New intake, 4" K&N 250 Hp stock v8 4.0 plus 70 Hp with K&N 320 Hp..enjoy.

'97 Aurora with a 4.6 Cadillac engine and trans
248,000 miles so far.

97 Olds aurora with cams
I put new cams in my car let me know what ya think

Olds Aurora Straight Pipes (Highway Speeds, Interior)
People on ACNA are always wondering what kind of drone you get from straights when you're on the highway, so I took a quick video. My 96 Aurora Autobahn has a muffler delete but I kept the stock resonator. I have a custom cold ram-air intake as well so the engine is a little louder than stock. If you have any Aurora questions/comments/etc visit, the home of the Aurora Club of North America. I'm an administrator over there, my name is xjsman89.