Cold Air Intake '97 Oldsmobile Aurora

Removed stock intake and replaced it with a 10" Spectre filter.

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RIP 99 Olds Aurora :(
A slide show of my car and the mods i did b4 she got wrecked Lil Scrappy - Ridin Thru The City

Oldsmobile Aurora
A nice walk through of my 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE FROM DPK PRODUCTIONS Follow DPK Productions on Facebook:!/pages/DPK-Productions/117919288259736?ref=ts

My '95 Aurora - Then and Now
This is a video that sort of chronologically goes through my first year and a half of owning my car. The video shows the car right after I bought it, with the chrome door protectors that have completely faded. And the pin-striping, which I can't stand. Removing those two things really made the car look different! It no longer looks like a Le-Sabre. Then it goes to about the mid-point of ownership before I got my tints and my Exhaust done. Then forwards to when I had the Caddy Emblems on the car. A little after that I took out some of the interior to do a clean sweep and fix some wires. And then of course it goes to the car I have now. The last pictures were taken just a few days ago. I got some wood put inside and did some chrome accents. The video doesn't do them justice, I added just enough without it being too much, it really brightens up my dark black interior. To some who make think the wood and chrome are too much, I don't want to hear it. I have shown my car to a lot of people and they all agree that it looks great! I'm not the only one who got the wood inserts for my car either, about twenty other members over at "ACNA" have them too. They really do make the interior look more upscale. RATE IT EVEN IF YOU HATE IT, BUT DON"T FLAME IT!!!! I'M ALL FOR CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, but just outright FLAMING me is wrong! I have posted several videos of my Aurora before and all but one seem to garner some really negative views. The only one that had any good attention was the Slideshow of my car. All the rest seem to bash me because of my Cadillac Emblems (which was an experiment, btw). Others seemed to hate my Exhaust set up, which I agree, is a bit too loud. I want to tone it down just a little bit, but I still like a low grumble. Others hated the fact that I had a Subwoofer in the trunk. I don't understand this, it's not the most powerful sub, but I don't get how something like that ruins a car, this isn't my Grandma's car! A lot of people hated my rims. I understand this because I don't really like them either. The tires are too small for my car and the rims do look cheap. They are chrome rims and no, I didn't not put them on. They had the "A" on them when I got them, I have no idea what kind of rims they are. And the other thing people hated was my tints. While I do agree they are too dark, I don't mind. The tint makes this car look so much better. I don't like stock "see through" windows. I don't want my car to look like the rest of the Auroras out there. While stock is nice, I like to stand out, and those don't like it, can stick it!

1996-1997 Oldsmobile Aurora Commercial